Enchanteur Romantic Body Mist Review

Picture showing Enchanteur Romantic Body Mist

Today, I am going to review Enchanteur Romantic Body Mist. During summers, we all perspire. Sweat, when gets mixed with bacteria, produce body odour. I am sure no one likes that. Imagine you are wearing an expensive, beautiful dress and are well groomed but if you are stinking then OMG!! Here, body mists and perfumes … Read more

Review on Colorbar Matte Touch 33 M Tooty Fruity Lipstick

Colorbar Matte Touch lipstick In the Shade 33 M Tooty Fruity

Today’s post is about Colorbar Matte Touch lipstick In the Shade 33 M Tooty Fruity that I really liked. I think pink and matte texture lipsticks are the ones that any girl can ask for. The icing on the cake is that I didn’t purchase this lipstick. My friend gifted me on my birthday. What Is A … Read more

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