Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick Review.

As requested by a lot of my readers and subscribers to introduce to them some beauty and makeup products that fall under the ‘Affordable Range’, I am trying to do that. I have already shared my review on Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel and Pearl Eyeflax Eyeliner which are quite economical and deliver good results as well. Now, let’s see how this lipstick worked for me. I have purchased a combo set of these lipsticks (that includes 4 lipsticks) from amazon.in at 60% discount so, each lipstick costed me only 80/-. Moreover, I got two flaps of Pearl Eyeflax Kumkum Bindi in red and maroon colour as a surprise gift. Such gestures make the whole experience of buying more pleasant. Now, let’s see its detailed review.

Pearl Eyeflax Kumkum Bindi
Pearl Eyeflax Kumkum Bindi
Pearl Eyeflax Kumkum Bindi
Pearl Eyeflax Kumkum Bindi

Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick Review

Product Description

  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Plush, pigment-rich formula
  • Smooth, creamy texture
  • Luxurious, effortless glide
  • Intense colour pay-off
  • One stroke application
  • Long-lasting
  • Soft matte finish
  • Paraben-free


Ingredients Of Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick

Quantity – 4 gm

Price – 200/-

Shelf Life – 3 years



Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick comes in a matte black coloured casing with a silver band at the base. The cap provided shuts with a click sound making it travel-friendly and you can find the brand name written in silver fonts on the cap itself. The shade number and name is given at the base of the lipstick. However, it would have been better if the lipstick was provided with a colour-coordinated sticker at the base for the easy identification of the shade. The lipstick comes encased in a black-coloured cardboard box that bears the product-related details on it. Overall, the packaging is quite simple and travel-friendly.

My Experience With Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick

As shared above, I have purchased the combo set that includes 4 lipsticks –

  • 01 Ballet Natural
  • 12 Red Ginger
  • 13 Orchid Brown
  • 18 Hot Pink Rose
From Left To Right – 01 Ballet Natural, 12 Red Ginger, 13 Orchid Brown, 18 Hot Pink Rose

The shade 01 Ballet Natural appears orangish in the bullet, 12 Red Ginger is orangish-red in shade, 13 Orchid Brown is brown-maroonish kind of shade and 18 Hot Pink Rose is fuschia pink shade. Make sure to refer to the image provided as I am not that good in explaining the shades. Of all the shades, 13 Orchid Brown is my favourite shade.

Texture, Finish & Pigmentation

Enriched with vitamin E, Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick has a creamy texture and glides smoothly on the lips without any tugging. The lipstick has a mild fragrance that you can only feel if you sniff it from the bullet. On application, the fragrance vanishes so, it will not be bothering for sensitive noses.

Now, let’s talk about the finish of the lipstick. Though, the lipstick claims to offer soft matte finish however, it settles into a satiny finish. The good part about the lipstick is that it doesn’t accentuate fine lines of the lips and is very comfortable to wear. Another feather in the cap is that the lipstick is quite moisturizing thus is apt for those having dry lips.

Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick offers medium to buildable pigmentation and you need to give 2-3 swipes to get the required colour on the lips. The shade 01 Ballet Natural appears orangish in bullet however, it doesn’t leave any tint to the lips and maintains the natural colour of the lips. That is why you will not be able to see the shade given in the image. Let me tell you the way I am using it. I have Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick which feels quite drying on the lips so, what I do is I apply this 01 Ballet Natural shade on top of it and without changing the shade of the already applied lipstick, it helps to moisturize my lips. You can also use this shade as a lip balm as it is paraben-free and is enriched with Castor seed oil and Vitamin E.

Staying Power

The lipstick is creamy in texture and you all know that such lipsticks are not smudge-proof and transfer-proof. So, like all these lipsticks, Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick also transfers and it stays on my lips for around 3 hours without disturbing. However, after having meals, it fades and needs re-application and as far as I am concerned, I don’t mind re-applying it. Moreover, what else can be expected from a lipstick that I got at a price point of just 80/-.

Overall, I am happy with Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick as it is enriched with the goodness of castor oil and vitamin E, glides easily on the lips, keeps them moisturized and make them look supple, settles into a satiny finish, perfect for those having dry lips and is very affordable. So, I would definitely recommend buying this lipstick.

Not So Good About Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick

  • Pigmentation could have been better.
  • Doesn’t stay for long.

My Rating – 4/5

Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Eyeflax’s Color Pick Lipstick is enriched with vitamin E, paraben-free, glides easily, offers satiny finish, moisturises lips & is affordable.

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