10 Best Sunscreens For Babies And Kids

Hi Everyone!! Today, I will share 10 Best Sunscreens for Babies And Kids to protect their skin from harmful UV radiations of the Sun.

Summers are here and so are the summer vacations. Every child waits for this period of the year as he gets free from his monotonous school schedule. All the parents get busy in choosing the destinations for spending and enjoying summer vacations. The most important thing that they should pack for their kids is the Sunscreen. 

Skin of the babies and kids is very soft and is more prone to damage caused by sun’s harmful radiations. I understand that playing in the Sun is very important as our skin makes vitamin D in the presence of sunlight which is important for the strengthening of our bones. However, Sun exposure brings along with it unwanted sunburns. So, to keep sunburns at bay we need to apply safe sunscreens.

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10 Best Sunscreens For Babies And Kids

Here is a list of 10 best and safe sunscreens available in the market for children.

1. Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Beach & Pool Sunscreen

Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Beach & Pool Sunscreen

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  • This sunscreen is specially designed in the form of a stick to protect your active kids from sun damage at the beach or pool.
  • Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Stick Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 70 works on wet skin.
  • It is formulated with Helioplex which is an advanced sunscreen technology and offers protection from skin-aging UVA rays and skin burning UVB rays.
  • Moreover, this sunscreen is oil-free, water resistant, sweat proof, Non-comedogenic, Dermatologically tested and PABA-free.

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2. Banana Boat Baby Sunscreen

Banana Boat Sunscreen

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  • This sunscreen has tear free formula and is absolutely safe for babies and kids.
  • It will not cause any irritation to their eyes.
  • It is infused with active minerals like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide and has an SPF of 50 which offers protection from the harmful sun’s radiations.
  • In addition, it is alcohol-free and has no fragrance.
  • Moreover, it is water resistant and is perfect for beach or pool days.
  • Make sure to use it on the babies which are older than 6 months.

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3. Chicco Sun Cream SPF 50+

Chicco Sun Cream SPF 50+ Is One Of The Best Sunscreens For Kids And Babies


  • This gentle formula sun cream is specifically formulated with SPF 50 for the sensitive and delicate baby’s skin.
  • It not only protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays but also nourishes the skin as it is enriched with Vitamin E.
  • This cream is water resistant, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, microbiologically and dermatologically tested.

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4. Mamaearth Mineral Based Sunscreen

Mamaearth Mineral Based Sunscreen


  • This brand is Asia’s 1st Made Safe certified toxin-free brand.
  • Mamaearth Mineral Based Sunscreen has SPF of 20 and active Zinc Oxide that protect against the harsh UV rays.
  • It contains natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, rice bran oil and grapeseed oil that help in keeping the skin soft and supple.
  • Moreover, it gets absorbed into the skin easily and leaves no residue.
  • It has a nice fruity fragrance and comes in a bright packaging that attracts kids.

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5. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Kids Sun Block Cream SPF 25

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Sun Block Cream SPF 25

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  • This sunblock cream by Lotus Herbals is one of the affordable options for sunscreens.
  • It contains chamomile flower extract having anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to nourish and soothe your kid’s skin.
  • This cream offers UVA and UVB ray protection and prevents sunburns and to an extent, suntans.
  • It is a lightweight formula and is sweat proof as well.
  • However, it is difficult to blend in without moisturizing the skin first.
  • One issue with this product is that it is not paraben free but at this price point nothing more can be expected.

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6. California Baby Super Sensitive Sunscreen

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  • This sunscreen contains an SPF of 30 and is specially formulated for the delicate and super soft skin of your baby.
  • The formula is quite mild and offers optimum protection from the Sun and act as a shield against UVA/UVB rays.
  • It is free from allergens and is a safe lotion for babies to use every day.
  • This sunscreen cream is sweat and water resistant and is PABA free.
  • Moreover, it contains lemongrass which soothes the skin of your baby.

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7. Baby Pibu Baby Sunscreen

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  • This sunscreen not only offers sun protection but also helps in cases of baby acne, diaper rash or mild eczema.
  • This product has earned the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Daily Care Seal of Approval so, it can be used without any worries.
  • As the product is chemical free so, it leaves no fear of skin damage.
  • It has a non-greasy formula and offers SPF 30 that provides the optimum amount of Sun protection required under normal circumstances.
  • The lotion absorbs very easily leaving the smooth skin.
  • The only con of this sunscreen is its hefty price tag.

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8. Nivea Sun Kids Sunscreen

NIVEA Kids Sun Protection SPF50 Is One Of The Best Sunscreens For Kids And Babies

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  • Nivea is one of the most trusted brands since my childhood times. I have seen my mother using Nivea products and they have never disappointed her.
  • This sunscreen is lightweight, water resistant and non-greasy and has SPF 50 which gives maximum protection to the skin.
  • It offers protection from sunburns, rashes and UV rays.
  • This cream is free from toxic chemicals and also increases skin’s immunity against UV rays.

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9. Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunscreen Lotion

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunscreen Lotion


  • This sunscreen lotion is specially formulated for babies.
  • It contains an SPF of 55 which provides natural protection for babies and children.
  • It has a mineral guard technology and contains zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and oat extracts. These ingredients help in providing nourishment to the skin and create a barrier that prevents UV Rays.
  • It is a non-greasy and fragrance-free product.

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10. Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen Lotion

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  • This water-resistant, tear-free formula is one of the favourites sunscreens among moms as it is suitable for the delicate skin of children and protects them from the harsh Sun.
  • It has SPF 50 which is effective in protection from sunburn and harmful UVA/UVB rays.
  • The paraben-free formula is 100% safe for the kids as it is certified by dermatologist and paediatrician.
  • It is a lightweight formula and blends easily into the skin.

So, this is the list of 10 best sunscreens for babies and kids. Choose the most appropriate one for your baby to protect him from the sun damage.

10 Best Sunscreens For Babies And Kids

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This post shares 10 Best Sunscreens for Babies and Kids. Choose the most appropriate one for your baby to protect him from the sun damage.

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