12 Rules To Follow For Healthy Hair

Hi Everyone!! This post will share 12 Rules To Follow For Healthy Hair.

Having healthy, long and shiny hair is every woman’s dream. However, there are different factors that affect how strong, smooth and shiny your hair are. There are some fortunate women who have lovely, healthy locks however, there are some who are not blessed with beautiful hair. If you are one of those then, don’t get dishearten, there are some rules that you can follow to get healthy tresses. It is important how well you care for your locks. There are some biggest hair care mistakes that you should avoid and some healthy habits to start right now to get healthy hair. In one of my previous posts, I shared with you some Extremely Effective Hair Care Tips And Tricks that are universal irrespective of your hair type so, make sure to go through that post as well.

Rules To Follow For Healthy Hair

1. Gentle Cleansing

Cleansing Hair Gently

Healthy scalp and healthy hair go hand in hand so. It is important to keep your scalp clean. It is not recommended to wash your hair every day however, you can wash them twice or thrice a week. Make sure to choose the shampoo according to your hair type and always go for shampoos that are free of sulfates (SLS) and parabens as these chemicals can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. If you want to know the Benefits Of Sulfate-Free Shampoo then, you can go through this post as well.

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2. Use A Cotton T-Shirt/Microfiber Towel For Drying

Microfiber Towels

Do you want to know the secret to frizz-free hair? The secret is drying your hair with a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. The reason is that these absorb excess water from your hair without stripping the moisture. On the other hand, terrycloth towels absorb the moisture of your hair along with water and can tangle your hair, increase frizz and leads to hair breakage.

3. Oil Your Hair Once A Week

Application Of Hair Oil

Next, on the list of rules to follow for healthy hair is to oil your hair at least once a week. Take some oil of your choice such as olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil or almond oil and oil your locks from root to tip and give a massage before getting into the shower. You can also mix 2-3 drops of essential oil such as tea tree oil, geranium oil, etc. as these can cater to different hair issues.

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4. Don’t Forget To Condition Your Hair

It is important to condition your mane after shampooing so as to keep it soft and tangle-free. Make sure to use the conditioner according to your hair type and it should be free from silicones and other harsh chemicals. Apply the conditioner from mid-length of the hair to the ends and not near roots.

5. Moisturizing Is A Key

Various factors such as unprotected heat styling, hormonal changes, not using s right shampoo, pollution, etc. make the hair dry and frizzy. In order to promote the health of your hair, it is important to keep them moisturized and there are some effective home remedies that will help to moisturize your hair naturally. To know these in detail, please go through the article – How To Moisturize Hair Naturally.

6. Get Regular HairCuts

Furthermore, on the list of rules to follow for healthy hair is to get regular haircuts. This is because these ensure minimal split ends or breakage. It is recommended to get a trim every six to eight weeks.

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7. Reverse Damage With A Hair Mask

Hair Masks

Regular exposure to the sun and use of heat styling instruments damage hair. So, make sure to use a hair mask once a week to maintain the moisture and reverse the hair damage.  Because of the heat, the hair cuticles tend to become porous and hence, hair absorbs the hydrating treatment better and gets repaired at a faster pace. I have shared 9 DIY Hair Masks Recipes For Different Hair Types in one of my previous posts so, you can go through that post as well.

8. Supply Nutrients To Your Hair

 Vitamins For Hair

Have you ever wondered why in spite of taking so much care, your hair look dry, dull and lifeless? It is because of nutritional deficiencies. Our hair also need nutrients and optimum nutrient intake is a key to healthy, long, voluminous and shiny hair. It is important to take a balanced diet to keep your mane healthy. In one of my previous posts, I have shared the best vitamins that are required to maintain hair health so, please check that article to know the details.

9. Protect Your Hair From Sun & Pollution

Next, on the list of rules to follow for healthy hair is to protect your hair from the sun and pollution by covering them with a cap/hat or a scarf otherwise your hair will become dry, dull and frizzy. You can also use hair sunscreen to get protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Moreover, there are available pollu-stop hair sprays that offer protection against pollution.

10. Handle Your Hair With Love While Styling

While styling, keep in mind not to tie your hair up in buns, tight braids and ponytails as it can hair breakage and hair fall. For tying your hair, always go for soft rubber bands. Using rubber bands that have a metal clasp in the middle can tug on your hair and this, in turn, will lead to hair breakage.

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11. Ace Your Brushing Technique

Hair Brushing

Furthermore, on the list of rules to follow for healthy hair is to brush your hair twice a day but don’t tear through your locks mindlessly as it will only cause damage to your hair. Always brush from the bottom and work up. Wet hair are weaker and more susceptible to breakage so, use a wide-tooth comb rather than a brush as its teeth are designed to glide through wet hair much easier.

12. Follow Proper Night Time Haircare Routine

It is recommended to use silk or satin pillowcases as these permit your hair to slide across the pillow thereby causing less fraying and frizz. Make sure to brush your hair before going to sleep as this will help in reducing tangles and knots in the morning. Tie your hair up loosely in a braid as it helps in reducing hair breakage when you are turning and tossing at night.

These were the rules to follow for healthy hair. These are easy to follow and will help you nurture your hair to perfection. So, get ready to say bye to bad hair days!!

12 Rules To Follow For Healthy Hair

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This post shares 12 Rules To Follow For Healthy Hair. These are easy to follow and will help you nurture your hair to perfection.

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