15 Amazing Benefits Of Ghee

Hi Everyone!! This post will share 15 Amazing Benefits Of Ghee or clarified butter.

Born and brought up in a Punjabi family, you can absolutely understand my liking towards ghee. Right from our chapatti, parathas to dal, halwa, and etc. ghee is one such ingredient we are never getting enough of. Ghee comes with incredible healing properties and is being used in Ayurveda since ages. It comes with various amazing benefits but you need to control the portions you consume. One of the biggest mistakes that we have committed in modern cooking is that we have swapped ghee with fattening refined oils. However, many people with a mind for health have discovered ghee’s benefits along with its rich, nutty flavor. So, let’s see what benefits does ghee offers.

Amazing Benefits Of Ghee

Benefits Of Ghee

1. Totally Natural

Ghee is clarified butter made from the milk of a buffalo or cow and is free of unhealthy additives, preservatives and Trans fats. I have seen my mother, grandmother making ghee at home. It is so natural and pure that it stays fresh for up to a year even without refrigeration. In Ayurveda, ghee holds an important place and is believed to enhance life-energy.

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2. Nutritional Powerhouse

Second, on the list of amazing benefits of ghee is that it is a nutritional powerhouse. It contains some harder-to-get essential nutrients such as vitamin A, E, K2, omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Vitamin A is necessary to maintain skin, eye, hair and immune health. Vitamin K2 helps in offering protection against tooth decay, calcification of arteries and also supports proper growth and development of bones. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful and important antioxidants in the human body. Omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids are particularly important for mood and brain health. CLA help to lower cholesterol, reduce tumors and high blood pressure and also helps in burning body fat.

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3. Keeps You Warm From Within

During winters, ghee is used in preparing many desserts such as gajar ka halwa, panjeeri, pinni, etc. This practice is quite common in North India. The reason behind using ghee is that intake of ghee helps to keep the body from within.

4. Good For Intestinal Health

Intestinal Health

Next, on the list of amazing benefits of ghee is that it helps in maintain gut health. Rich source of butyric acid, ghee is an ideal pick to support the health of the intestinal walls. Moreover, butyric acid reduces seepage of undigested food particles, reduces inflammation and also helps in repairing the mucosal wall. Therefore, by consuming ghee, you will contribute to a healthy digestive tract.   

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5. Strengthens Immune System

Due to the presence of high content of antioxidants, ghee increases our body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat thereby keeping the immune system strong. Moreover, the Butyric Acid present in ghee helps our body in the production of T-cells that fight diseases thereby strengthening our immune system.

6. Strengthens Bones

Furthermore, on the list of amazing benefits of ghee is that it helps in strengthening bones. Ghee contains vitamin K that helps in blood clotting, functioning of the brain and also maintains heart health. Moreover, vitamin K helps in keeping our bones healthy and strong. So, incorporating a proper amount of ghee into your diet can help in meeting your vitamin K needs.

7. Does Not Cause Dairy Allergies

Ghee is a great alternative for those individuals having dairy allergies as it is formed by removing milk solids which means it contains milk sugars (lactose) and protein (Casein) in trace amounts. So, people who are lactose or casein intolerant need not worry before the intake of ghee as it will not cause any negative reactions.

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8. Keeps Constipation At Bay

Next, on the list of amazing benefits of ghee is that it can help you if you are having a tough time with your bowel movements. Before going to bed at night, take 1 teaspoonful of ghee in a cup of hot milk to get relief from constipation. I have often seen my grandmother using this remedy. However, if you also plan to do the same, make sure to consult your medical professional.

9. Good Source Of Energy

Ghee contains plenty of medium-chain fatty acids and is considered as a storehouse of energy. The liver can directly absorb these medium-chain fatty acids and later these are burnt as energy. Pinni and Ladoos loaded with ghee are often given to nursing mothers because of their energy-boosting properties.

10. Has Anti-Cancer & Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Ghee contains CLA that help to lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, combat cancer and also cardiovascular disease. Ghee also contains butyric acid that helps in reducing seepage of undigested food particles, reduces inflammation and also helps in repairing the mucosal wall.

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Some More Benefits Of Ghee

11. Cures Cough

Next, on the list of amazing benefits of ghee is that it can help in bringing relief to your cough. Having a teaspoon of warm ghee or mixing it with some other ingredients such as tulsi can bring immediate relief. All you need to do is make a paste of tulsi with warm ghee and swallow it.

12. Soothes Clogged Nose

Clogged Nose

Cold means difficulty in breathing, headache and exhaustion. In Ayurveda, a few drops of warm pure cow ghee is poured into the nostrils, first thing in the morning. Ghee helps in soothing the infection by travelling all the way down to the throat. This treatment is called Nyasa treatment.

13. Great For Cooking

One of the amazing benefits of ghee is that it is a great medium for cooking for almost any type of food by any method. The reason behind is that it has a high smoke point and can handle heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it is less prone to oxidation and nutrient destruction during cooking.

14. Beneficial For Skin

Ghee not only offers health benefits but is also beneficial for our skin. Ghee is an effective moisturizer for people with dry skin types. It will help in relieving the dryness making the skin soft and supple. Want to treat dry and chapped lips? Go natural and apply a little ghee on your lips to get a luscious pout. Ghee can also help in reducing dark circles under eyes. So, incorporate ghee into your skincare regime as it helps in keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated.

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15. Enhances Taste

Last on the list of the amazing benefits of ghee is that it has a strong buttery flavor that elevates the taste of any dish that it is added to. Ghee is richer and nuttier than butter so, it is required in less quantity and gives the same satisfactory, buttery flavour.

So, these were some amazing benefits of ghee. Now that you are aware of the benefits, get your can of ghee and incorporate it into your life. Make sure to keep an eye how much you consume.

15 Amazing Benefits Of Ghee

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This post shares 15 Amazing Benefits Of Ghee. Read on & Incorporate it into your life but make sure to keep an eye how much you consume.

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