15 Effective Shower Tips To Keep Hair Healthy

Hi Everyone!! Today, I will be sharing 15 effective shower tips to keep hair healthy.

In my previous post, I have shared extremely effective hair care tips and tricks that are universal irrespective of the hair types and should be included in your hair care regimen. However, this post will be about few changes that one should make in his hair washing and drying routine to keep hair healthy and happy. So, below are given best shower tips that you can follow to have healthy and beautiful hair.

15 Effective Shower Tips To Keep Hair Healthy

Go through the following tips to know what needs to be done to your hair before, during and after taking shower.

1. Steaming Hair Before Shampooing 

Steaming With Hot Towel

The best way to cleanse the pores on your scalp that are usually clogged with oil and dirt is to steam your hair before shampooing. It is one of the effective shower tips to keep your hair healthy. In order to do that, take a towel and dip it in hot water. Now, squeeze out the excess water from the towel and wrap it around your head. Let it sit for 20 minutes before heading for the shower.

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2. Give Massage To The Scalp Before Shampoo

Scalp Massaging Before Shampoo Is One Of The Effective Shower Tips To Keep Hair Healthy

The next on my list of effective shower tips is giving a gentle massage to your scalp with your fingers for a few minutes before going for shampoo. This will help in loosening up the dirt and buildup from your scalp.

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3. Use Cool or Lukewarm Water

Furthermore on my list of effective shower tips is to use cool or lukewarm water. This is because cool or lukewarm water seals the cuticle of your hair and make them shiny. On the other hand, hot water leaves the cuticles of your hair open thereby allowing the moisture to escape. Moreover, hot water can strip off natural oils and can make your hair drier and frizzier.

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4. Choosing Right Shampoo

Choosing the shampoo according to your hair type is one of the important and effective shower tips to maintain good health of your hair. For instance, if you have coarse, thick and curly hair then choose a shampoo that can hydrate your hair.

One important universal hair care tip is to always go for shampoos that are free of sulfates (SLS) and parabens. These chemicals can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. According to the recent studies, these can be carcinogenic as well. So, the best option is to use organic shampoos that are SLS and paraben-free.

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5. Shampoo Scalp Only

The job of a shampoo is to cleanse and remove the dirt and product buildup from your scalp. So, it is recommended to massage the shampoo into the roots and scalp rather than on the lengths of your hair. This is because of the fact that rubbing of the shampoo on the lengths can strip of its natural oils. This can make hair dull, dry and lifeless.

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6. Be Gentle!

Friction can damage the cuticles of your hair permanently. This further leads to breakage and frizz. So, it is advisable to massage your scalp gently while applying shampoo. This will not only clears away dirt from the scalp but will also boost hair growth by improving the blood circulation. Further, you can smooth the lather on the ends of your hair taking straight strokes.

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7. Don’t Wash Your Hair Frequently

Do not shampoo your hair every day as it will make them dry and dull. Shampooing every 2-3 days will help in proper regulation of natural hair oils. However, if you have oily hair and you want to give them a wash daily then it is recommended to go for mild, organic shampoos. This is one of the easiest and effective shower tips that you can follow to have good healthy hair.

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8. Towel-Dry Before Conditioning

After rinsing off your shampoo, do not apply the conditioner immediately. Squeeze out some water from your hair by wrapping a towel around your head. Now, apply conditioner to the towel-dried hair as it will help the conditioner to penetrate easily.

9. Apply Conditioner To The Lengths Of Hair

Applying Conditioner To The Lengths

Apply conditioner starting from the mid-length of your hair to the ends and not near roots as natural oils from your scalp are more concentrated there.

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10. Avoid Using Too much Conditioner

Application of conditioner in the right amount is recommended as excess will make your hair look super greasy.

11. Go For Deep Conditioning Your Hair

One should do deep conditioning of the hair at least once in 2 weeks. Those who have curly hair should go for the treatment as their hair tends to dry up quickly.

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12. Use A cotton T-Shirt/Microfiber Towel For Drying

Drying Hair With Cotton T-Shirt

Do you want to know the secret to frizz-free hair? The secret is drying your hair with a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. The reason is that these absorb excess water from your hair without stripping the moisture. On the other hand, terrycloth towels absorb the moisture of your hair along with water and can tangle your hair, increase frizz and leads to hair breakage.

13. Pat Dry Your Hair

Do not rub your hair aggressively with a towel while drying. This can tangle your hair, increase frizz and leads to hair breakage. The best way is to pat dry your with some microfiber towel or let your hair get air dry.

14. Detangle Semi-Dried Hair

Do not brush your hair right after you step out of a shower. This will lead to hair loss. It is due to the fact that wet hair are more prone to breakage. Always detangle your hair when they are semi-dried (around 70%) and that too with a wide-toothed comb.

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15.Apply Hair Serum After Drying

Applying Serum

Always apply a leave-in conditioner or hair smoothening serum to your hair after drying to keep them frizz free and manageable.

So, these were the 15 effective shower tips that can help in keeping your hair healthy. Try these out to see some positive results in no time and do share your experience with us.

15 Effective Shower Tips To Keep Hair Healthy

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