6 Reasons For Skin Breakouts During Quarantine

Hi Everyone!! This article will share 6 Reasons For Skin Breakouts During Quarantine.

While stuck in quarantine, we expected fresh, detoxed and glowy skin however, some of us are still left disappointed. Over the past few weeks, you have done everything in your capacity to maintain your skin health but nothing is working. You have stopped putting on makeup and are allowing your skin to breathe but still struggling with random breakouts? Here are a few reasons for skin breakouts during quarantine and lockdowns. In my previous posts, I have also shared Quarantine Self-Care Routine and Things Brides-To-Be Can Do To Pamper Themselves During Quarantine so, make sure to check these posts as well.

Reasons For Skin Breakouts During Quarantine

1. Flipped Schedules

One of the reasons causing skin breakouts is that quarantine has made our life upside down. During this period, we are not following proper schedules like we used to do before the quarantine. We all are sleeping late at night and so waking up late, having meals at odd hours, not working out so, all this is taking a toll on our skin. Hence, it is very important to discipline ourselves and go back to our normal schedules as this will help to improve skin health.

2. You Are Under Stress

Reasons For Skin Breakouts During Quarantine - Stress

I understand that the spread of pandemic has led all of us to live in a state of anxiousness and uncertainty and it is tough to remain calm. Stress is one of the major factors responsible for skin breakouts as it disrupts the hormonal balance, produces cortisol which in turn causes inflammation and breakouts. In one of my previous posts, I have shared How To Manage Stress During Quarantine so, make sure to go through this post.

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3. Experimenting New Beauty Products

If you are a skincare enthusiast then, you must be utilizing the quarantine period to experiment with the beauty stash you have at home, lying in your drawer. One of the reasons for skin breakouts during quarantine is experimenting with new skincare products which means you are subjecting your skin to more formulas than usual which is further leading to acne bumps and redness. It is important to use the products that are meant for your skin type and if you are incorporating new products into your skincare regime then, make sure to monitor how your skin reacts to them for a few days and then make them a regular part.

Reasons For Skin Breakouts During Quarantine

4. Using Unclean Beauty Tools & Products

Are you are utilizing the quarantine period for mastering new makeup looks but haven’t paid any heed to cleaning and disinfecting the beauty tools and products that you are using then, there are chances to get skin breakouts. You need to make sure that you have kept your beauty products at a cool and dry place, keep checking their expiry date and regularly clean your makeup brushes. If you are not sure how to clean your makeup brushes then, make sure to go through the post to know the details. Disinfecting regularly any makeup or skin-care products you’re coming into contact with is something you should be doing whether or not there is a global pandemic going around.

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5. Sudden Cut-off From Makeup

If you are someone who wears makeup on a regular basis but during this lockdown, have stopped applying makeup then, there are chances your skin will act up. This is called skin purging. Make sure not to fix this condition by applying more makeup or using more skincare and let your skin breathe and heal itself.

6. All-Day Snacking

All-day Snacking

The feelings of panic, boredom and anxiety during the time of pandemic trigger the need to eat constantly. This emotional eating occurs when food is used to soothe or suppress these feelings and it might get prevalent in the coming weeks of lockdown. Various foods such as chips, biscuits, ice-creams, chocolates are scientifically engineered to target the pleasure receptors in our brains and they often make us ignore the feelings of physical hunger that come from an empty stomach. This emotional eating finally becomes the coping mechanism for a stressful situation and can wreak havoc on the gut which in turn wreaks havoc on the skin. So, it is important to stick to healthy eating regimes. I have already shared How To Stop All-day Snacking During Lockdown so, you can go through this post as well.

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These were some reasons for skin breakouts during quarantine.

6 Reasons For Skin Breakouts During Quarantine

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