8 Amazing Benefits Of Kaolin Clay

Hi Everyone!! This post will share some amazing benefits of kaolin clay for skin and hair.

Also known as China clay, White clay, and Kaolinite clay, Kaolin is a naturally occurring clay that enhances a clean beauty, toxin-free, vegan skincare regimen. Though excellent for all skin types, it is primarily used for catering to many skin problems of sensitive skin. Kaolin clay is one of the purest and gentlest clays available and can be used as a cleanser, exfoliator, blemish treatment, and more. The name Kaolin clay suggests that its primary component is a mineral called Kaolinite which is a layered silicate mineral however, the name comes from the Kao-ling Mountains in China, a site from where it is mined. It is usually white in colour but depending on the other minerals present, it can also be pinkish or greenish. However, the whiter the clay, the better is the quality. Kaolin clay is not only used in sculpting and porcelain making but is also used in skincare and personal hygiene care. There are various benefits of kaolin clay for skin so, read on to know these benefits.

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Amazing Benefits Of Kaolin Clay For Skin & Hair

Benefits Of Kaolin Clay For Skin And Hair

1. Reduces Oiliness

Though, our skin needs natural oil to stay supple but excess oil can lead to various skin issues. Kaolin clay has natural absorbent properties so, it absorbs excess oils without stripping your skin and causing dryness. Kaolin clay has a fine and light texture and is extremely gentle on the skin making it suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

2. Natural Gentle Exfoliator & Detoxifier

Exfoliating Skin
Exfoliating Skin

Next on the list of amazing benefits of kaolin clay for skin is that it has the ability to purify your skin pores and detoxify your skin. The pores of the skin get clogged by oil, dirt, pollution, bacteria and dead skin cells. Kaolin clay clings to these pore-clogging impurities and draws them out from the skin without causing any redness or irritation. Using kaolin clay mask on a regular basis will keep the pores clean and will also prevent bacterial growth thereby protecting the skin against breakouts. Kaolin clay has fine texture that helps in exfoliating the skin thereby removing dead skin cells making skin look smooth and soft.

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3. Soothes Skin

Kaolin clay can soothe your irritated skin. Be it bug bites or itchy rashes, the clay can offer initial and temporary relief as it has mild healing properties. Isn’t one of the amazing benefits of kaolin clay for skin.

4. Tones The Skin

As shared above, kaolin clay has skin cleansing and exfoliating properties that help in offering a toned appearance to the skin. However, it needs a long term use to see such results.

So, these were some benefits of kaolin clay for skin.

Benefits Of Kaolin Clay For Hair

5. Natural Shampoo

One of the amazing benefits of kaolin clay for hair is that it can act as a natural shampoo. It helps in cleaning your scalp as it has absorbent properties and can remove oil, dirt and other impurities.

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6. Scalp & Hair Protector

Kaolin clay not only cleanses the scalp but it also strengthens the roots and boosts circulation of blood to the scalp. This further helps in preventing the hair from getting brittle and dry and also prevents hair breakage.

Some Other Benefits Of Kaolin Clay

7. Works As Natural Deodorant

Looking for some natural Deodorant? Your search ends here. Yes, kaolin clay not only helps in drawing out impurities but it also does a great job absorbing sweat and oils from the underarms and neutralizes body odour. This further leads to keeping the underarms clean and fresh. Isn’t, one of the amazing benefits of kaolin clay?

8. Tooth Cleanser

Nowadays, kaolin clay can be found in the ingredient list of toothpaste and toothpowders. The reason behind is that it has the ability to scrapes off plaque and tartar from teeth thereby whitening the appearance of teeth.

So, these were some amazing benefits of kaolin clay. Though, different types of clay are available in the market but kaolin clay has taken a special place as it is quite gentle which makes it usable by pretty much everyone.

8 Amazing Benefits Of Kaolin Clay

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There are some amazing benefits of kaolin clay for skin & hair due to which it has taken a special place in skincare & haircare regime.

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