9 Amazing Benefits Of Calendula For Skin And Hair

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing some amazing benefits of Calendula for skin and hair.

Many of us are not aware of the name Calendula however, you must be aware of the name Marigold. Yes, Calendula plant is also called as Marigold or Pot-Marigold. It is a herbal plant that offers a lot of benefits for our skin, hair and health.

Native to the Mediterranean region, this plant is considered auspicious and is used to honour the Virgin Mary. It is also used by Hindus to adorn idols during special events. Moreover, calendula flower petals are edible and are used for culinary purposes. In addition, this plant has its own aesthetic importance. It is also called as the ‘Russian penicillin’ as it is grown in huge amounts in Russia.

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This was brief information on Calendula. Now, let’s move on and see the amazing benefits of Calendula for skin and hair.

9 Amazing Benefits Of Calendula For Skin And Hair

Skin Benefits Of Calendula (Marigold)

1. Treats Irritated and Wounded Skin

  • Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties so, it can treat sunburns, minor cuts, rashes, insect bites and other mild skin irritations.
  • It can also heal up minor cuts and wounds due to its natural regenerative properties.

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2. Prevents Premature Aging

  • The restorative properties of calendula help in the skin hydration, heal damaged skin and also reduce the appearance of wrinkles thereby making the skin looking younger.
  • Moreover, it offers antioxidant protection and helps in improving blood flow to the skin cells which in turn leads to the reduction in the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.
  • So, it prevents premature aging.
  • In addition, it is safe enough to use around the eye area which is quite delicate to treat puffiness.

3. Heals Dry Skin

Benefits Of Calendula For Skin And Hair
Calendula Oil
  • The calendula oil moisturizes the dry skin effectively.
  • It provides the required hydration to the dry and damaged skin and treats it well.
  • Moreover, it has the capacity to treat dry and chapped lips, remove old scars and can also cure bruises and post-operative injuries.

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4. Prevents Acne

  • Calendula (Marigold) has antibacterial properties that help in getting rid of the bacteria thriving in the pores of the skin that can lead to an acne outbreak.

5. Treats Fungal Infections Of Skin

  • Calendula has anti-fungal properties as also. So, it can treat infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot.

6. Soothes Diaper Rash

  • It is quite safe to use calendula oil on the skin of babies for treating diaper rash.
  • Just apply it to the affected area 1-2 times every day to get the required results.

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So, these are some amazing benefits of calendula oil for skin. Let’s see its amazing benefits for hair.

Hair Benefits Of Calendula (Marigold)

7. Helps In Getting Rid Of Dandruff

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8. Promotes Hair Growth

  • The two main causes of hair fall are dandruff and damaged scalp.
  • The calendula oil has the capacity to tackle both the causes.
  • Because of the regenerative properties of calendula oil, the hair follicles grow abundantly and thus, hair become longer, stronger and thicker.

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9. Natural Dye For Hair

  • If you want to give brunette or blonde colour to your hair and that too without using any chemical laden products, then you can use calendula tea to rinse your hair which is a total natural option.

So, these are the 9 amazing benefits of calendula oil for the skin and hair. Do avail the benefits that this amazing plant offers for your skin and hair.

9 Amazing Benefits Of Calendula For Skin And Hair

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