9 Festive Christmas Makeup Tips

Hi Everyone!! This post will share with you 9 Festive Christmas Makeup Tips that will help you look party-pretty and more dazzling in no time. Follow the following tips and achieve the appropriate festive look.

9 Festive Christmas Makeup Tips

Festive Tip 1: Shimmer

Application Of Shimmer - One Of The Festive Christmas Makeup Tips

The first tip on the list of 9 Festive Christmas Makeup Tips is to apply shimmer to your face. Christmas is all about decorating our homes with Christmas trees and strings of light so that everything looks glowing right!! Similarly, you need to make yourself look beautiful and glowing on this occasion.

The shimmer is an incredibly versatile makeup that can add a glow to your face and make you appear more gorgeous! It can be applied on the face and body too. However, you need to apply it wisely and properly to highlight certain features. Sweep a glittering powder below yourbrow bone, on the inner corner of your eyes and over your cheekbones. Go for a pink-based highlighter if your skin tone is light. On the other hand, if you are medium to dark skin toned then you can try for golden tones. Other thing to keep in mind is that the powder should be a very fine shimmer and should not have flecks of glitter.

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Festive Tip 2: Blush

Application Of Blush - One Of The Festive Christmas Makeup Tips

The next tip on the list of 9 Festive Christmas Makeup Tips is the application of blush. Blush is an important part of our makeup that is meant to mimic the natural flush of our face. It also helps in making our complexion look healthy and vibrant. Available in powders or creams, the blush helps in giving chiselled jaw look and makes our face appear slimmer and really contoured. So, by mixing complementary blush colors, one darker and one lighter you can definitely amp up your natural rosiness. You can get a perfect photogenic look with a correct swipe of a perfect coloured blush.

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Festive Tip 3: Well Groomed Brows

Well Groomed Eyebrows - One Of The Festive Christmas Makeup Tips
Well Groomed Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent facial features that help to shape the face, accentuate the eyes, brighten your appearance, can make you look more youthful and also play an important role in communication. Christmas means socializing and meeting a lot of people so, you need to have well-groomed eyebrows. Grooming of the eyebrows includes trimming, giving proper shape, combing the hair and also filling in bare spots. This tip is one of the best Festive Christmas Makeup Tips that will help you in achieving an aesthetically-pleasing look this Christmas.

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Festive Tip 4: Eye Shadow

Candy Cane Eyeshadow - One Of The Festive Christmas Makeup Tips
Candy Cane Eyeshadow

The Fourth tip on the list of 9 Festive Christmas Makeup Tips is to make your eyes look attractive. Let your eyes which are considered the windows of our soul dressed up in beautiful, well-blended curtains. This can be done only with the help of an eye shadow.  Smokey brown eyes will be perfect for this time of the year and will feel as warm as a cup of cocoa or you can also go for smudgy pine tree-coloured or candy cane lids this Christmas. Whatever you choose, make sure the only key to a flawless looking eye shadow is proper blending and for that, you need to have the right kind of brushes.

Festive Tip 5: Eyeliner

Application Of Black Eyeliner - One Of The Festive Christmas Makeup Tips
Black Eyeliner

After the application of eye shadow, the next tip is on the list of9 Festive Christmas Makeup Tips is to apply an eyeliner. Eyeliner can make even the smallest eyes look big and is mandatory for those having small eyes. You can go for candy-cane eyeliner this Christmas. However, I believe that black liner never goes wrong and it makes a bold yet elegant statement. Make sure that the line drawn should not be harsh and too dark. If you are just the beginner, create small dashes across the lash line then go back and join all of these dashes.

Festive Tip 6: Christmas Ready Nails

Christmas Ready Nails - One Of The Festive Christmas Makeup Tips
Christmas Ready Nails

Nails are an important part of our personality so, show off your festive spirit at parties and family gatherings at this Christmas. Try on some candy cane nail art or glittery Christmas tree nail art. You can also go for Santa-inspired design with French tips or with miniature trees and a snowman, you can create a winter wonderland on your nail beds. Every girl would want to get her nails done at least once in her lifetime so, what are you waiting for? Try these nail arts this Christmas and be party ready.

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Festive Tip 7: Lipstick

If you are someone like me who is not really comfortable in wearing a red lipstick then for you I have a solution. Go for chocolate colour lips. The chocolate colour is a sweet alternative to red lipstick and I believe it will be the yummiest treat of this season. Isn’t one of the best Festive Christmas Makeup Tips?

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Festive Tip 8: Lip Gloss

Glossy Lips - One Of The Festive Christmas Makeup Tips
Glossy Lips

Glossy lips always look good. This Christmas pair your glossy lips with smoky eyes and look attractive. Make sure to exfoliate your lips before applying lip gloss and get ready to conquer the halls with confidence.

Festive Tip 9: Hairstyle

Now that you are done with your festive outfit and makeup, all that is left is a party-perfect hairstyle. Though, there are a lot of hairstyles that you can try but there is something very romantic about letting your natural hair run free. A relaxed bun with loose strands will also look good this season. If you are in some kind of doubt, you can easily go for a clean center part that will instantly add polish your hair. You can also try a new side part. Changing your part will definitely give you a different look. Moreover, it will give an extra body to your hair.

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So, these were 9 Festive Christmas Makeup Tips that will be helpful in achieving a festive Christmas look.

9 Festive Christmas Makeup Tips

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These 9 Festive Christmas Makeup Tips will help you look party-pretty & dazzling in no time. Follow these to achieve festive Christmas look.

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