Buy Everyday Essentials During Lockdown – Nykaa Is Delivering Them

Hi Everyone!! You can now Buy Everyday Essentials During Lockdown as Nykaa Is Now Delivering Them.

We all are staying at home due to the spread of the pandemic. The idea of staying in lockdown is to flatten the curve of the spread of the pandemic. Everything has shut down and none of us are going anywhere and we all are trying to adapt ourselves to the new routines. While doing that, it is important to have everything we need so, in case you are wondering where you can buy everyday essentials during lockdown then let me tell you Nykaa has come forward to help us and can deliver these essentials at our doors. So, now, you can shop for your daily beauty needs from Nykaa.

Buy Everyday Essentials During Lockdown – Nykaa Is Delivering Them

Nykaa has also recently come up with a range of handwash and hand sanitizer keeping in mind the importance of handwashing to keep the infections at bay. To know the details make sure to go through the post – Nykaa Wanderlust Handwash & Clean Hands Sanitizer. So, now, you can easily purchase these at

Points To Be Kept In Mind While Shopping For These Essentials At Nykaa

  • They are accepting pre-paid orders only.
  • There will be free shipping above 1500/-.
  • Shipping charges of 99/- will be there on orders below 1500/-.
  • Orders below 500/- are not accepted.
  • They have started deliveries to select pin codes so, make sure to check if your pin code is being serviced at present or not.

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List Of Everyday Essentials That Are Available On Nykaa During Lockdown

1. Self-Care Essentials

Buy Everyday Essentials During Lockdown At Nykaa - Self Care

2. Hair Essentials

Hair Requirements

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3. Skincare Essentials

Buy Everyday Essentials During Lockdown At Nykaa - Skincare

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4. Safety Essentials

Safety Requirements

5. Intimate Care Must-Haves

Buy Everyday Essentials During Lockdown At Nykaa - Intimate Care Must-Haves

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Let Nykaa Know Your Requirements

Scroll down to the bottom of the main Nykaa page and there you will find the option of telling Nykaa what products do you need? What would you like Nykaa to stock to meet your daily essential needs during the lockdown and they will try their best to get them for you. Such a wonderful initiative taken by Nykaa, isn’t it?

During this time of home quarantines and social distancing, it is natural to feel stressed and overwhelmed. So, it is crucial to keep your mind and body healthy and self-care is the way to get through this difficult time. We all are sailing in the same boat so, keep yourself calm as things will definitely get back to normal. Stay Healthy and Stay Home!!

Buy Everyday Essentials During Lockdown - Nykaa Is Delivering Them

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