Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am going to review Colorbar Perfect Match Primer.

As we all know that the summer season is here and there is hardly anyone who loves summers. Sweating is synonymous with summers that in turn mean makeup rundown. Now, the question is how to make makeup last longer? This calls for a change in makeup products. One such product is a primer. A primer prepares your skin for a smooth application of foundation. It tightens the pores and thus offers a smooth surface. In addition, it makes the makeup last long by locking it up. Recently, I tried Colorbar Perfect Match Primer and here is the review.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review

Colorbar’s primer is oil-free and gives satin-touch to the skin. It masks fine lines and uneven texture and makes skin super soft and smooth. It makes the perfect base for makeup as it holds the foundation in place for long hours.

Features And Benefits

  • Offers a satiny smooth base
  • Makes makeup last longer by locking it up
  • Controls sebum production and does not clog pores
  • Has oil-free formula which masks fine lines and uneven texture

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Packaging Of Colorbar Perfect Match Primer
Packaging Of Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

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The Colorbar Perfect Match Primer comes in an inverted sleek white coloured bottle with a shiny silver cap. It is provided with a nozzle dispenser which dispenses the product in the right amount and prevents wastage. The bottle is quite handy and light and so is an ideal product to carry while travelling. Overall, the packaging is very convenient and functional.

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My Experience With Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

I was quite excited to try this product as heard a lot about it. It is one of the most popular primers available in India. My main motive behind buying this primer is to tackle my oily T-zone area and also to make my foundation or BB cream last longer. So, here is my experience.

Texture And Fragrance

This primer has a creamy, gel-like consistency, and is quite lightweight. It glides on smoothly and blends very easily. On proper blending, it gets absorbed into the skin well without leaving any kind of shine behind. It gives a satiny and smooth finish to my skin and is so lightweight that you won’t feel as if you have applied something on your face.

This primer has no fragrance so is an ideal option for sensitive skin. This is what I really liked about this product because I tend to get a headache on applying products that have a strong fragrance.

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Staying Power

The primer has good staying power. It works effectively for a long time and helps in extending the wear of my foundation. In addition, it keeps my skin oil-free especially my T-zone area that tends to get oily towards the mid of the day and my makeup looking fresh for the whole day.

Performance And Efficacy

This Primer is perfect for all skin types, be it dry, oily, combination or sensitive. It effectively controls oil production and minimizes the appearance of the pores. With this primer on you need not worry about your face looking shiny or greasy as it takes good care of this problem. Even if you have an extremely dry skin, this primer will hydrate your skin and will surely add a glow to it.


Colorbar Perfect Match Primer comes in only one shade – transparent. According to me, this is the best part about this primer as it aims to offer a smooth skin for flawless foundation application and not to add any colour. So, now there is no hassle of matching it to your skin tone.

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How To Use Colorbar Perfect Match Primer?

  • Prepare your face by cleansing and moisturizing with your daily moisturizer.
  • Apply a little product on your face in dabbing motion.
  • Now, blend it well to get a smooth surface for a perfect complexion and a lasting effect.
  • Now, your skin is ready for the application of foundation and concealer.


  • Increases the staying power of your foundation
  • Controls oil production
  • Leaves a subtle glow on the face
  • Spreads and absorbs easily into the skin
  • Smoothens uneven texture and blurs out the appearance of pores and fine lines
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek, travel-friendly packaging


  • Contains silicone and parabens
  • Little pricey

Rating – 4.5/5

Overall I really liked the primer and would definitely recommend it to anyone who craves for an even-toned base and wants to last their makeup for long. However, it contains some parabens, but considering its performance, this can be overlooked. Therefore, it is definitely worth giving a try.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer is oil-free and gives satin-touch to the skin. It masks fine lines and uneven texture and makes skin super soft and smooth. In addition, it makes the perfect base for makeup as it holds the foundation in place for long hours.

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