DIY Spa Day At Home – Turn Your Home Into A Spa

Hi Everyone!! This article will share DIY Spa Day At Home & You Can Turn Your Home Into A Spa.

While we are practicing social distancing due to the spread of the pandemic and all the spas are currently closed but we all are in need of a little self-care right now, isn’t it? You know what, you can bring the spa to your home and it can be just as relaxing and beautifying as a day spent somewhere expensive. You can transform a corner of your home into a spa with the right pampering kit. All you need is one day of dedicated self-care when you won’t have any interruptions.

DIY Spa Day At Home – Turn Your Home Into A Spa

1. Clean & Declutter

Clean and organized space is what you need to relax and unwind. So, it is important to clean and organize the room and washroom where you will be doing your treatments to make the experience more enjoyable.

2. Set The Mood

DIY Spa Day At Home - Turn Your Home Into A Spa

As we all know the entrance of spa always smells so good so, all you can do is spritz a room spray or light up a scented candle to set the mood. It will help to enter into a more serene state of mind. To restore balance, you can opt for sandalwood candles or you can go for lavender ones to get a nice calming and relaxing effect. This entire setting is perfect for any spa day at home and it will not only help to lighten your mood but will also help to reduce anxiety and increase relaxation.

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3. Put On Music

Next, on the list to turn your home into a spa to enjoy DIY spa day at home is to put on background music so as to avoid cluttering your brain with thoughts. You can create a playlist of soothing and calming music and you can get plenty of ready-made lists to tune out to.

4. Make Special Drink For Yourself

Unwind yourself with a special drink but make sure to prepare it in advance. Serve it to yourself in a fancy glass and get relaxed and settle your mind.

5. Take A Restorative Bath

To enjoy DIY spa day at home, it is important to take a restorative bath. Fill your tub with water at just the right temperature and add bath salts or essential oils to reap the benefits of aromatherapy. You can also add fragrant bath bubble to get a pampering and calming feel.

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6. Clean Your Pores

Next, on the list to enjoy DIY spa day at home is to steam your face for 5 minutes and for easy cleaning of the pores. Steaming will also help to relieve the stress that you have been feeling while indoors during this lockdown.

7. Put On A Face Mask

DIY Spa Day At Home - Put on Face Pack

Now, is the time to put on a face mask as your pores are open and it is required to clean them. Doing masks at home is a lot of fun so, choose a mask according to your skin type and let it do its magic. Though, you can use a readymade face mask but it always feels good to prepare one with some natural ingredients. I have shared many homemade face packs according to different skin types in my various previous posts so, make sure to check those. Once your face mask gets dry, rinse it off and pat dry your skin.

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8. Give Your Hair Some Love

Avocado Hair Mask

Don’t forget to treat your tresses so, add a hair mask into your DIY spa day at home. I know, you all will be missing your hair-spa sessions as the salons are closed but don’t worry, you can prepare hair masks yourself with some natural ingredients that are easily available at home and can cater to different hair issues. To know the recipes, make sure to go through the article – DIY Hair Masks Recipes For Different Hair Types. It is recommended to keep the hair mask on for at least half an hour so as to allow the ingredients to work. While waiting for that, you can pamper your hands and feet and can enjoy a mini Mani and Pedi session.

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9. Shower Time

Take Shower

Now, is the time to get in the shower and wash your mane with a mild shampoo. Once done with that, apply some hair serum and don’t forget to moisturize your skin with a nice body lotion. Apply a face moisturizer according to your skin type to make your skin look healthy and plump.

So, this was all about DIY spa day at home. That is how you can turn your home into a spa during this lockdown period and can pamper your skin and hair.

DIY Spa Day At Home - Turn Your Home Into A Spa

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