Effective Uses Of Fig Leaves

Hi Everyone!! This post will share effective Uses Of Fig Leaves.

Before going further, let me explain what are figs? Cleopatra’s favourite fruit – Fig is one of the oldest fruits consumed by humans. Fig, scientifically known as Ficus carica grows on the Ficus tree which is a member of the Mulberry family. In Hindi, Fig is known as ‘Anjeer‘,in Bengali as ‘Dumoor‘,in Telugu as ‘Athi Pallu‘ and in Kannada as ‘Anjura‘. Fresh figs are available from June to September and they have a unique texture and taste. The crunchiness of its seeds and sweetness and smoothness of the fruit make a great combination to eat. Figs can be eaten fresh, dried or these can also be used to make various recipes. Figs offers a lot of benefits to our health and skin. We can not only consume the fruit to reap the benefits but even the leaves of figs offers various benefits. Today, I will be sharing some effective Uses Of Fig Leaves.

Effective Uses Of Fig Leaves

Effective Uses For Fig Leaves
Fig Leaves

The leaves of fig are flat, large, broad and appear as finger shaped. These are around 10-18 cm wide and 12-25 cm long and are vibrant green in colour with 3-5 lobes having thick veins and a prominent stem. These are highly fragrant leaves and upon crushing release the aroma of vanilla, coconut and green walnut.  Now, let’s see the effective Uses Of Fig Leaves.

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1. Regulate Blood Glucose Levels

The first on the list of effective Uses Of Fig Leaves is that these have anti-diabetic properties and can help in lowering down the blood sugar levels in diabetic people. Including fig leaves in the diet, allow the diabetic to administer less insulin by injection which is a costly and often a life-long process.

All you need to do is prepare fig infused tea. Boil 4-5 fig leaves in filtered water for 10 minutes and have it as tea. The other way to prepare this tea is – dry some fig leaves and grind them to form powder. In 1 litre of water, add 1 tbsp. of this powder and boil it. Your tea is ready to consume.

2. Prevent Heart Disease

Next, on the list of effective Uses Of Fig Leaves is that these can help in preventing heart disease. Dried fig leaves reduce the levels of triglycerides in blood that are a primary cause of heart attack. These are a source of omega 3, omega 6 and phenol that help in reducing the risk of heart disease.

3. Lower Cholesterol

The leaves of figs contain a soluble fiber called pectin that helps in reducing cholesterol levels. This pectin triggers bowel movements, clears the excess cholesterol in the body and carries it to excretory system to eliminate it. So, this proves that leaves of fig have laxative property which is one of the effective Uses Of Fig Leaves

4. Strengthen Bones

We all know that calcium is required for the healthy bones. The leaves of fig contain potassium and calcium that help in maintaining bone health and prevent the chances of osteoporosis. These help in improving bone density and due to the presence of phosphorus, also help in stimulating bone creation. The potassium present in fig leaves helps in preventing the bones from thinning out.

5. Possess Anti-Cancer Properties

Furthermore, on the list of effective Uses Of Fig Leaves is that these have anti-cancer properties. These serve as rich source of fiber and are found effective against all types of cancer especially breast, skin and colon cancer.

Being rich in fiber, fig leaves can also help people who are obese and want to shed some weight.

6. Prevent Wrinkles

Figs not only offers health benefits but it also serves many beauty benefits. Another on the list of effective uses of fig leaves is that these can treat acne, freckles and wrinkles due to the presence of antioxidants in them.

7. Remove Genital Warts

When you pluck a fig leaf, you will find white coloured milk or sap oozing out from the leaf. The application of this milk on the warts with the help of Q-tip will help in their removal.

8. Treat Ringworm

The white milk or sap that oozes out when the fig leaf is plucked can treat ringworm. You simply need to apply it on the affected area with the help of Q-tip.

So, these were some effective Uses Of Fig Leaves.

Effective Uses For Fig Leaves

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This post will share some effective Uses For Fig Leaves. It is not only the fruit that is beneficial but even the leaves offer many benefits.

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