Flax Seeds Benefits For Health, Skin And Hair

This post will share Flax Seeds Benefits For Health, Skin And Hair.

Flax (Linum Usitatissimum), also known as common flax or linseed, is called one of the most powerful plant foods on the Earth. It was cultivated in Babylon around 3000 BC. Flax seeds are emerging as ‘superfood’ because of their uncountable benefits to mankind. Their benefits include – Health Benefits, Skin Benefits and Hair Benefits etc. There are two varieties of Flax Seeds – Brown and Yellow or Golden also known as Golden linseed. Both varieties have almost similar nutritional characteristics. These seeds produce a vegetable oil known as flaxseed oil or linseed oil which is edible oil. Now, let’s see what benefits do these seeds offer.

Flax Seeds Benefits For Health, Skin And Hair

Before going furtther, let’s see some nutrition facts of flax seeds.

Nutrition Facts

Benefits Of Flax Seeds
Flax Seeds

100 grams of flax seeds contain 534 calories, 42 gm fats, 29 gm carbohydrates, 27 gm dietary fibers, 18 gm proteins, 1.6 gm sugar, 30 mg sodium, 813 mg potassium.

As a percentage of total fat, flax seeds contain 54% Omega-3 fatty acids, 18% Omega-9 fatty acids, and 6% Omega-6 fatty acids. They contain 9% saturated fat, including 5% as palmitic acid.

How to Store Flax Seeds?

Chemically, whole flax seeds are stable. However, grounded ones may go rancid if they are exposed to air at room temperature within seven days. So, the best way to store them is to keep them in a refrigerator in airtight containers.

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Flax Seeds Benefits For Health

1. Control Diabetes

These seeds contain lignans and fatty acids that help in reducing insulin resistance thus, stabilize blood sugar levels.

2. Improve Digestion

These seeds are rich in fiber that aids the process of digestion by improving nutrients absorption. They also prevent constipation. It also acts as an excellent natural laxative.

3. Keep Heart Healthy

Flax Seeds Benefits For Health - Healthy Heart
Healthy Heart

These seeds have the power to lower blood pressure. They also prevent hardening of arteries leading to the healthy heart.

4. Prevent cancer

These seeds are rich in antioxidants that act like a protective cushion against cancer such as breast cancer, prostate and colon cancer.

5. Improve Brain Health

Flax Seeds Benefits For Health - Brain Health
Brain Health

These seeds contain Omega-3 fatty acids and especially, they are rich in alpha-linolenic acid(ALA), which is associated with brain health.

6. Fight Inflammation

ALA and lignans are found in flax seeds which help to fight swelling and inflammation that accompanies certain illnesses.

7. Aids the Process of Weight Loss

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Flax seeds have a high amount of fibers that help to improve digestion process and also keep the stomach full for a longer duration. This, in turn, helps to suppress hunger leading to the process of weight loss.

Flax Seeds Benefits For Skin

8. Keep the Skin Glowing

Glow to the skin is the best gift that flax seeds can offer to a woman. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that help in giving glow and radiance to the skin.

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9. Bye-Bye to Fine Lines and Wrinkles

We all are aware of the fact that anti-aging creams are very expensive and can lead to the pocket drain. But, the good news is that flax seeds have antioxidants and phytochemicals that help in removing fine lines and wrinkles and that’s too without making a big hole in your pocket.

10. Cures Acne


Acne can occur due to pollution, puberty and hormonal changes. You all agree with me that we spend thousands of rupees on expensive cosmetics and various other medications to hide those ugly acne marks. Believe me, these seeds have the power to handle the culprit that leads to acne and that is sebum. When this oily substance is produced in more quantities by our skin glands, it attracts the dirt and impurities leading to acne formation.

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Flax Seeds Benefits For Hair

11. Helps in Hair Growth

Flax Seeds Benefits For Hair - Hair Growth
Hair Growth

These seeds are a good source of vitamin E that prevents hair damage, boosts blood circulation and stops premature graying of hair. All this leads to good hair growth.

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12. Conditions Hair

These seeds lock the moisture of hair, controls breaking, frizziness, and splitting of the hair. Thus, they help in the conditioning of your hair.

13. Prevents Dandruff

Applying flaxseed oil to the scalp will help to keep the scalp nourished and moisturized. This prevents flaking and dandruff.

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Benefits Of Flax Seed Oil
Flax Seed Oil

14. Balance pH levels & Oil Production

pH levels and oil production determine the rate of your hair growth and its health. Flaxseeds help in soothing the scalp so that it can produce the oil in the right amount for healthy hair growth.

So, these are some Flaxseeds benefits for health, skin and hair. Make sure to incorporate this Superfood into your life to stay healthy!!

Flax Seeds Benefits For Health, Skin And Hair

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This post shares Flax Seeds benefits for health, skin and hair. Introduce this Superfood into your life for maintaining overall health.

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