Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am going to review Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub.

Removal of dead skin cells is very important in skin care regimen to get a beautiful and glowing skin. Gentle exfoliation helps to take out all the impurities from the skin leaving it to look clean, fresh and bright.

Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub Review

Good Vibes is a brand that is only available at and offers natural skin care and hair care products I have already used Good Vibes Geranium Essential Oil and I am quite satisfied with it. Geranium offers a lot of skin and hair benefits so, I decided to purchase Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub. Let’s see the detailed review of the product.

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What Does Brand Say About The Product?

The scrub is made with skill, passion, fresh ingredients and skin expertise to exfoliate your skin thoroughly yet gently.

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Product Details

  • Good Vibes Rose and Geranium Skin Tightening Scrub is effective in tightening facial skin by minimizing the look of wrinkles and slows down the effects of aging.
  • Moreover, it helps in the skin regeneration.

Ingredients – For the detailed list of ingredients, please refer the image provided.

Ingredients Of Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub

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Quantity – 50 gm

Price – 195/-

(At present Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub is available at a discounted price on  However, the offer keeps changing.)

Shelf Life – 2 years from the date of manufacture

How To Use?

  • Take required quantity of the scrub and massage it on your wet face and neck with your fingertips.
  • Make sure to avoid the eye area.
  • Rinse it off with water.

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Packaging Of Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub

Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub comes in a brown coloured jar with a golden colour twist open cap. The packaging looks very classy. However, you have to be careful while handling as it is a glass packaging. All the necessary details are mentioned on the jar. Once you open the cap, you will find an extra covering given to prevent product spillage. I absolutely love the classy packaging. However, it is not travel-friendly.

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My Experience With Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub

Appearance Of Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub

The moment I opened the tub, I fell in love with its amazing fragrance. It has a very dominant smell of roses. However, it is not of the kind that can give you a headache or can make you sneeze. It will just make you feel fresh.

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The scrub is pink in colour and has a creamy texture. It has fine granules of walnut that give exfoliation. However, these are fine particles and are not harsh on the skin at all. I applied the scrub on my wet face and massaged for 1-2 minutes in circular motions with my fingertips. After scrubbing, my skin felt clean, soft and supple. Moreover, it didn’t dry out my skin. Furthermore, it gave a subtle glow to my face. However, it didn’t work on my whiteheads.

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As far as its claim of minimizing wrinkles is concerned, I can’t say much about that as I don’t have any wrinkles. But, the scrub has Geranium in it which has astringent properties. So, the regular use of this scrub will not only help in skin exfoliation but will also help in tightening of the skin and minimizing wrinkles. Geranium is enriched with fatty acids that help in building healthy skin cells and make your skin look young and flawless. So, it is perfect for the ageing skin and sensitive skin as well.

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Not So Good About Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub

  • Didn’t work on the whiteheads
  • Not travel-friendly

My Rating – 4/5

Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Good Vibes Rose And Geranium Scrub claims to tighten facial skin and slows down the effects of aging. Let’s see how it works?

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