Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am going to review Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner.

Every woman wants to have a refreshed, glowing and beautiful skin. But, do you have any idea what is there between you and clear skin? A face toner is a secret weapon that leads to the healthy skin. I am already using VLCC Rose Toner but it was about to finish so, I was looking for some other rose water toner. However, when I came to know that Good Vibes has launched its Rose Glow Toner the, I purchased it immediately. I have already used many Good Vibes products and have shared their review in my previous posts. So, please make sure to go through those posts as well. Now, let’s see the detailed review of Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner and how it can be used to get healthy skin.

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Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner Details

Claims Of Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner
  • You can get velvety-soft complexion as Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner gently cleanses impurities like oil and dirt from the skin.
  • It is infused with the goodness of rose petals and helps to nourish and soothe the skin.
  • In addition, the regular use of Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner makes sure that you look younger than your age by effectively getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Furthermore, it helps in the regeneration, firming and revitalization of the skin for a refreshed look.
  • It also promotes faster healing as it is gentle on wounds and prevents bacteria from spreading.

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What Benefits Does Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner Offer?

  • Hydrating
  • Skin Calming
  • Oil Control
  • Skin Lightening
  • Nourishing
  • Smoothening
  • Hides Visible Pores
  • Skin Radiance

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What Skin Issues Does Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner Cater To?

The toner is ideal for acne-prone skin, rough & dull skin, skin showing signs of aging, skin with clogged pores, uneven skin tone and the skin that has lost elasticity or firmness.

How To Use Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner?

  • Pump out the fruity goodness in your gentle palms.
  • Lather it up with water and steadily and smoothly massage it on your face.
  • Rinse it away with water.

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Key Ingredients – Please refer to the image provided.

Key Ingredients Of Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner 1
Key Ingredients

Quantity – 120ml

Price – 175/-

Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner is available only at

Shelf Life – 2 Years


Packaging Of Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner

Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner comes in a sleek, sturdy dark brown coloured plastic bottle with golden coloured cap. It is provided with a spray dispenser for the easy dispense of the product. The spray dispenser is provided with a tight transparent cap to avoid product spillage. The packaging looks very attractive. It gives the feel of classy glass packaging but it is actually a plastic one. The bottle is quite sturdy and travel-friendly.

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My Experience With Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner

The toner is totally transparent and has a runny consistency. It has a fragrance of roses that I really like. Honestly, I am not using this toner as per the usage instructions. I just spray it directly to my face. It gives a refreshing and calming effect on the skin on application. Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner makes the skin soft and hydrated and also gives a subtle glow. I am using the rose toner since long and it has done wonders to my skin. Now, let me tell you how I am using this rose glow toner.

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How Can Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner Be Used?

  • After washing my face, I apply Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner to wipe away trapped dirt. I have a combination skin so I apply this toner as a makeup remover. It helps in drying up my oily T-zone area and restore the pH balance of my skin.
  • I also use Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner after waxing. It can also be used after shaving. After hair removal, our skin feels dry and irritated. Rosewater toner helps to add moisture in the skin and helps to soften it.
  • Rosewater toner also acts as a mood booster for me. Whenever I spray Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner on my cleansed face, I instantly feel energized because of its fresh floral scent.

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  • The Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner can also be used to heal sunburns. Apply rosewater toner to the affected areas to hydrate the skin and it will promote gentle healing. Moreover, it prevents permanent damage of the skin also the onset of fine lines and wrinkles that results from sun exposure.
  • Rose water also acts as an antioxidant and acts as a barrier to protect the skin against damage from free radicals.
  • Rosewater also has anti-microbial properties. It helps in preventing the formation of some acne-causing bacteria that further helps in clearing up acne. So, by using the Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner regularly, you need not depend on harsh chemical remedies for the prevention of acne.
  • Moreover, due to its anti-bacterial properties, rosewater helps in wound healing and diminishes blemishes left over from the wound.

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Overall, I really liked Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner and would definitely recommend buying this. So, give yourself the gift of the healthy and beautiful skin by incorporating this toner in your skin care regimen.

Not So Good About Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner

  • The complete list of ingredients is not mentioned. Only key ingredients are given.

My Rating – 4.5/5

Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner cleanses impurities, nourishes & soothes the skin, prevents wrinkles, fine lines & acne formation.

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