MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask Review.

Though, lip masks are new to the beauty industry but I haven’t tried any collagen lip mask till now. I received this lip mask in one of my beauty subscription boxes so, I thought to give it a try. So, let’s see how this lip mask performed. I have also shared my review on MondSub Peeling Off Black Mask so, you can check that review as well.

MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask Review

Product Description

The mask carries moisturizing and brightening properties and it fades lip fine lines and nourishes the lips thoroughly. The mask is infused with nourishing ingredients, replenishes and moisturizes lips leaving them feeling soft and supple for long hours.

MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask Features

  • One-time use instant lip mask
  • Carries replenishing properties
  • Brightens and moisturizes lips
  • Improves lip texture
  • Fades fine lip lines

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Ingredients Of MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask

Quantity – 8 gm

Price – 200/-

How To Use?

  • Cleanse and dry your lips thoroughly.
  • Take the mask out and apply it on your lip area.
  • Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and then gently remove it.
  • Use 2-3 times per week.

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MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask comes in a small plastic tray nestled inside the packet. So, you need to pull out the tray from the packet. I have received only one packet but there were no product-details mentioned on it so, I took all the details from nykaa’s website.

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My Experience With MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask

Appearance Of MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask

The lip mask is golden in colour and is quite smooth and thick. It feels as if it is made up of some jelly material. The mask was not really saturated with serum. Moreover, when I pulled it out of the packet there was hardly any serum left inside. Though the mask is lip-shaped but it is much larger than the actual lips. One slit is given in the middle so that one can breathe while wearing it. So, I separated the slit and positioned the mask on my lips. In order to make the mask stick to my surrounding skin, I patted it gently and finally, it got stuck on the skin surrounding my upper lip but didn’t get hold around the lower lip. I repositioned it a couple of times to get a comfortable fit and stay.


Before putting the MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask for 25 minutes, I exfoliated my lips lightly. The moment I put on the mask, it felt cold and gooey and also gave a tingling sensation which was quite similar to the plumping lip glosses. This sensation indicated that the mask started working. The good part was that the tingling sensation never got too intense.

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After 25 minutes, I pulled off the mask and checked for the results. My lips felt soft and smooth but I couldn’t really see a huge new “plump” in my lips. The tingling sensation subsided after 5 minutes of removing the mask but I could feel some sort of numbness around my lips. I also didn’t notice any fading of fine lines on my lips. After around 15 minutes of application of the mask, I applied Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick which is quite drying to the lips to check the efficacy of the mask. The lipstick felt a little less drying in comparison. Still, I feel that the mask is not that moisturizing and doesn’t deliver satisfying results. So, I am not really impressed with MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask.

My Rating – 2.5/5

MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

MondSub Gold Collagen Lip Mask doesn’t fade lines on the lips and is not that moisturizing either. I also didn’t see a plump in my lips.

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