New Nivea Micellar Rose Water Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am going to review a newly launched product which is Nivea Micellar Rose Water.

Nivea has recently launched the 1st Micellar Rose Water. It is not a regular heavy-duty make-up remover. It is unique micellar water which is infused with rose water that not only removes waterproof makeup easily but also various other skin care benefits. The micellar water is available at and here is its detailed review.

New Nivea Micellar Rose Water Review

Product Description

Description Of Nivea Micellar Rose Water
  • Get ready to discover the magical power of Nivea Micellar Rose Water.
  • It is all-in-1 make-up remover that effectively and gently removes makeup, cleanses and refreshes without leaving residue on your skin.
  • The micellar rose water is gentle for eyelashes and is meant for all skin types.
  • No rubbing and rinsing is required.
  • Opthalmologically and dermatologically approved.

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How Nivea Micellar Rose Water Works?

  • Just like a magnet, the micelles efficiently catch make-up, dirt and sebum.
  • This effective and gentle formula can be used on face, eyes and lips.

Before going further with my experience with this micellar rose water, let me tell you the benefits of rose water for skin.

Benefits Of Rose Water For Skin

Rose Water In Nivea Micellar Rose Water
Rose Water
  • Purifies and tones skin
  • Maintains skin’s pH level
  • Revitalizes, hydrates and moisturizes skin
  • Has antioxidants to strengthen skin
  • Balances skin’s oil
  • Fights acne
  • Heals scars and wounds
  • Reduces skin’s redness
  • Cools and refreshes skin
  • Soothes irritated skin

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Just imagine what will happen if such a wonderful ingredient is added to the micellar water. So, Nivea Micellar Rose Water is a make-up remover that has skin-enhancing benefits and is a Godsend for all beauty-obsessed women.

Ingredients – The complete list of ingredients can be seen in the image provided.

Ingredients Of Nivea Micellar Rose Water

Quantity – 400 ml

Price – 425/-

Shelf Life – 3 years

How To Use?

  • Before using, shake the bottle.
  • Pour the product on to the cotton pad and press on face, eyes and lips and swipe gently.

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Packaging Of Nivea Micellar Rose Water


The micellar water comes in big 400 ml transparent plastic bottle with all the necessary product details on it. It is provided with a light grey coloured screw cap. Beneath the cap is given a protective lid with a hole on it in order to dispense the product. However, the bottle is quite big and heavy and so is not travel-friendly.

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My Experience With Nivea Micellar Rose Water

Product On Cotton Pad
Micellar Rose Water On Cotton Pad

The micellar water is rosy pink in colour and has a mild pleasant fragrance of roses that lingers for some time. It has a thin water-like texture and glides easily on the skin.


Nivea Micellar Water effectively and swiftly removed my foundation and blush in one swipe only. I was pleasantly taken aback when it removed my waterproof eyeliner and mascara without the need for rubbing or rinsing. Though, it definitely took a few minutes to remove the waterproof mascara. But, the best part was that it didn’t sting my sensitive eyes. Moreover, it effectively removed my waterproof liquid lipstick within seconds. In addition, it easily pulled off dirt and impurities from my skin while restoring and locking in moisture. It didn’t make my skin feel dry afterward.

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I regularly use waterproof makeup removers that contain oil in them so I am pretty used to the oily after-feel. However, with this product, this is not the case. My skin didn’t feel sticky or greasy at all after the product dries off. Rather, it felt calm, refreshed and soft to touch. Moreover, the product also helps in reducing redness and soothing irritation and its delicate rose fragrance helps in calming the senses.

Overall, I absolutely loved Nivea Micellar Rose Water. According to me, it is a make-up remover, toner, moisturizer and skin treatment in one bottle. Therefore, I would definitely recommend buying this.

One of the secrets to beautiful skin is to follow a proper makeup removal routine. So, make sure to add this product to your skincare routine.

Not So Good About The Product

  • Not travel-friendly packaging

Other than this, there is nothing bad about this product.

My Rating – 4.9/5

New Nivea Micellar Rose Water Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Nivea Micellar Rose Water is a make-up remover, toner, moisturizer & a skin treatment in one bottle. Read on to know how this product works.

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