New Variants Of Moi by Nykaa Parfum – New Launch Alert

Hi Everyone!! New Variants Of Moi by Nykaa Parfum has been launched today itself.

Perfume is considered as a reference mark, it follows you, lingers behind you and makes silence talk. For women, perfume is something that puts finishing touch to her elegance and complements her personality. It is something that lasts and is the key to our memories. A lot of people take considerable time to find the best perfume for themselves however, for many perfume is nothing than a fragrance. Are you aware that perfumes just not help you to smell good but also offers various other benefits that will simply amaze you? If you are interested in knowing the benefits of wearing perfumes then, make sure to go through the post.

Reflection of one’s mood, fragrances are completely personal. Keeping that in mind, Nykaa came up with a range of perfumes last year under the name ‘Moi’ that was comprised of two variants – Raison d’etre and Joie de vivre. Now, it has added 4 new variants to this range. So, let me give you a brief about these variants.

New Variants Of Moi by Nykaa Parfum

Product Description

Moi by Nykaa is a collection of fragrances which is crafted as a fragrance wardrobe to offer you a scent for every mood and has taken its name from the French word ‘moi’ translating to ‘me’.

Quantity – 100 ml

Price – 1800/-

* Offer – For today, i.e. 5th November, 2019, the whole range is available at a 15% discount so, make sure to avail this offer.

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4 New Variants Of Moi by Nykaa Parfum

1. Amour Eau de Parfum

Moi by Nykaa - Amour Eau de Parfum

“Spark a love affair with yourself”

  • Amour is the fragrance that is named after love and is meant to celebrate those moments when love blossoms.
  • With crisp light notes of Jasmine and Lily of the valley, this floral bouquet will hit you and then will settle into the warm woody embrace of Patchouli and Musk.
  • The fragrance is ideal for the days when you want to spread love wherever you go.

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2. Epice Eau de Parfum

Epice Eau de

“Live life with a little bit of spice”

  • With the pungent sweet aromas of Pink Peppercorn blended softly with fruity notes of Blackberry and Raspberry, the parfum ‘Epice’ will add a little spice into your life.
  • With notes of Patchouli and Musk, the fragrance offers the perfect way to spice things up for the day, or night.

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3. Bisous Eau de Parfum

Moi by Nykaa - Bisous Eau de Parfum

“Scent of the first kiss”

  • A playful blend of the spicy floral Bergamot with the classic Rose and Magnolia, ‘Bisous’ is a perfect way to remember the moments of sweet kisses.
  • This floral and citrus blend is the perfect way to start a feel-good day.

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4. Matin Eau de Parfum

Matin Eau de

“Sweet morning scent”

  • In French, ‘Matin’ means morning. Matin is a fragrance that announces your day with fresh white floral notes that let you greet the day.
  • The delicious gourmand facets of Apple, Vanilla and Caramel add a sweet, decadent twist to go meet the day.

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2 Previously Launched Variants Of Moi by Nykaa Parfum

5. Moi by Nykaa Raison D’Etre Eau de Parfum

Moi by Nykaa - Raison D'Etre Eau de Parfum

“For days to conquer the world”

  • The French phrase Raison d’etre means ‘reason for being’.
  • It inspires a subtle, yet elegant fragrance to give you an air of calm domination.
  • To give you a powerfully feminine feel, the fragrance is a well-crafted potion of sensual Rose and Vanilla tapered with Musk and Vetiver.

6. Moi by Nykaa Joie De Vivre Eau de Parfum

Moi by Nykaa - Joie De Vivre Eau de Parfum

“To cherish the little things in life”

  • The French phrase Joie de vivre means ‘joy of life’.
  • Bringing together the complexity of citrus with aromatic and fruity-woody notes, this summer fragrance is super sensual even when worn on a hot summer day and is perfect for days to watch the world go by.

So, this was a brief about 4 new variants and 2 previously launched variants of Moi by Nykaa Parfum. Now, you are having 6 options to choose from and it is now time to try something new. So, get ready to match your fragrance to the way you feel from this wardrobe of fragrances. Nykaa’s this latest addition to the collection is one that shouldn’t be missed.

New Variants Of Moi by Nykaa Parfum – New Launch Alert

Review Description

Four New Variants Of Moi by Nykaa Parfum has been launched. So, get ready to pick your fragrance from this wardrobe of fragrances.

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