Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel Review.

Every girl would agree with me on this that there is nothing more annoying than waiting for your nail polish to get dry. For the next half an hour or so, after the application, we are not able to use our hands properly and even if we try to do, we end up ruining our paint job. Keeping this point in mind, Nykaa has recently launched Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamels so, I decided to give it a try and purchased two nail enamels. So, here is the detailed review. In my previous posts, I have also shared Ways To Dry Nail Polish Faster so, make sure to check that as well.

Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel Review

Product Description

  • No more waiting around for your nails to dry after a manicure.
  • Get super glossy nails in about a minute with this collection that comes in an impressive range of colours.
  • High colour pay-off.
  • Glide on a coat of the Insta Dry enamel for a flawless coverage, that won’t chip, fade or smudge.
  • Sanitizer resistant.
  • Vegan, dermatologically tested, paraben-free, alcohol-free and cruelty-free.

Quantity – 9 ml

Price – 199/-

Shelf Life – 3 years

Shade Availability – The nail enamel is available in 28 shades.


Packaging Of Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel

The nail enamel comes in a regular rectangular glass bottle with a white coloured cap. The shade name and number can be seen on the side of the bottle. Moreover, you can see the shade number on the top of the cap as well. However, the ingredient list is not mentioned on the product. But it claims that it is 5 free nail enamel which means it is free of five most harmful chemicals and is also cruelty free. The expiry date can be seen at the base of the bottle.

My Experience With Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel

I have purchased 2 shades:
344 N*de Notification
351 Mauve Message

Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel - N*de Notification
344 N*de Notification
N*de Notification
344 N*de Notification
Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel - 351 Mauve Message
351 Mauve Message
351 Mauve Message
351 Mauve Message

These two shades are perfect for summers. Please refer to the images provided to get a clear idea about the shades.The applicator provided offers very easy application. Though the bristles of the brush are not that dense but it holds the product in a right quantity. The nail enamel has a medium consistency so it spreads easily on the nail. It offers good colour pay-off and you need to give 2 coats to get the opaque colour.

Now let’s see whether this nail enamel fulfills what it claims. It claims to get dry in about a minute and the good news is that the first coat gets dried up in a minute. Once you are done applying on both the hands, you can easily apply the second coat which also gets dry pretty fast. I am really happy with this as I don’t like to keep waiting for the nail polish to get dry as it is an absolute waste of time. The nail enamel offers glossy to the nails.

Let’s now talk about the staying power. With all the household work that I do, this nail enamel stayed on my nails for three days without chipping so, I am happy with the staying power as well.

With all the plus points that I mentioned above, there is one thing that I dislike about this nail enamel. It has a chemical-like smell that stays for a day which really bothers me as I am sensitive to such fragrances. So, if you have sensitive nose, this can be a bothering factor for you as well.

Overall, I am impressed with Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel and would definitely recommend buying this. Moreover, you have such a vast collection of shades to choose from.

My Rating – 4/5

Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

This article shares Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel Review. It gets dried up in a minute & offers glossy finish to nails. So, I really liked it.

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