Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub Review

Hi Everyone!! Today’s review is on Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub.

Nykaa has recently launched Bath and Body Care Range – Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom. The range includes Shower gel, Body lotion, Gel body scrub, Body butter, Body milk and fragrance body mist. I have purchased Gel body scrub and here is its detailed review.

Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub Review

Product Description

Description Of Body Scrub
  • Every time you clicked in Japan had a tiny little cherry blossom peeking through it.
  • This delightful little blossom, with all its perfection and delicate floral fragrances swept you away.
  • You bid adieu to the country but the faint, beautiful scent still lingers on your mind.
  • And now, we have plucked it and packed it to give your skin the same freshness.
  • The scrub transforms into a rich, indulgent lather and gently exfoliates your skin to give you an irresistible soft skin.
  • It leaves your skin wrapped in sweet scent, making sure your love affair with this charming blossom is never-ending!
  • It is like a love letter to you from Japan.

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Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub Features

Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub Features
  • Exfoliating body scrub that leaves your skin smooth and plump.
  • Blend of hydrating Aloe-Vera extracts and Jojoba seed oil condition your skin.
  • The mild sweet smell of Cherry Blossom uplifts your sense.
  • The Scrub is vegan, SLS free, Paraben-free and Cruelty-free.

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Ingredients Of Scrub

Ingredients Of Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub

Quantity – 150 gm

Price – 350/-

Shelf Life – 2 years

Packaging Of Scrub


The scrub comes in a light pink coloured tube packaging with beautiful images of Cherry Blossom flowers on it. The packaging looks quite attractive as it has been given a nice ombre effect. It is provided with a flip-top cap that shuts tightly making the packaging leak-proof and travel-friendly. The tube bears all the necessary product-related details on its backside.

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My Experience With Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub

Appearance Of Scrub

The scrub appears white in colour and has a gel-like texture. It has a nice thick consistency and the gel-base is really making it a beautifully-textured scrub. One thing that I would like to emphasize is that the body scrub has an amazing, sweet, mild flowery scent. It feels as if I am wearing some exquisite perfume. The fragrance stays for around 2 hours and is not overpowering so, it will not induce a headache. I absolutely loved it.

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Efficacy Of The Scrub

The scrub has a lot of micro-beads and it spreads easily on the moist skin. Once you start the scrubbing process, you will feel these beads however, these are not harsh on the skin. These micro-beads do not get dissolved and offer gentle yet effective exfoliation. I applied Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub on my arms and legs focusing more on the elbows and knees and it did exfoliate the skin effectively. Post scrubbing, my skin was feeling so clear, soft and smooth. I also noticed that the scrub offered temporary fairness to the skin. This can be due to the fact that it removed the dirt and dead skin cells making the skin look more clear and healthy.  

The best part about this body scrub is that it doesn’t dry out the skin at all. I have dry skin and I intentionally didn’t apply any moisturizer after the process just to check whether my skin cries for moisturisation or not. I was so happy to see that the scrub didn’t make my skin feel stretchy and dry. Moreover, it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin during and after the process and the fragrance that your skin gets wrapped in will surely uplift your senses.

Not So Good About The Product

  • There is nothing that I disliked about the product

My Rating – 5/5

Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub exfoliates skin well leaving it clear, soft & smooth & its fragrance uplifts the senses.

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