Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel Review.

Nail paint is one of the best accessories that can give your hands a finished look. It can make your hands look healthy, balanced and lovely. Well painted nails convey a sense of style, display a sense of aesthetics and femininity and at the same time enhance the overall look. Just imagine how it feels when you see somebody with chipped nails or nails with dirt under them or nails not having even nail polish. It is not a pleasant sight to look at so, it is very important to establish good grooming habits. Make sure to keep your nails healthy, well-groomed and covered with a nail enamel whenever you are moving out as nails leave a big impression about your personality on others. I have already shared a lot of reviews on nail enamels so, you can check those posts as well.

However, many of my readers and subscribers have requested me to introduce to them some affordable makeup and beauty products. So, I thought to try some and came across the brand Pearl Eyeflax. This brand offers foundation, lipsticks, eyeliner, bindi and nail enamels. I have with me 6 nail enamels so, let’s see how these performed.

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Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel Review

Product Description

  • Beauty is not enough to present yourself unique in-crowd. It gives you a classy look which everyone admires.
  • The range of color gives you the urge of wearing them daily with your attire be it official or party and make women look prettier “AGE NO BAR”.
  • The range of shades is like the beauty of rainbow which makes you feel special.

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Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel Features

  • An exclusive high-reflection nail polish formula
  • One stroke, high gloss gel perfection.
  • Contains a UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing.
  • The patented two-fold plasticizer prevents chipping, scratching and peeling.
  • Gives an intense plumping gel-like effect in just 2 coats.
  • Comes in a wide array of shades to suit your every mood.

Ingredients – The ingredient list is not mentioned on the product.



Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel comes in a regular rectangular glass bottle. It is provided with a glossy black coloured cap to which the applicator is attached. The shade number can be seen on the top of the cap. Overall, the packaging is simple and compact.

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Quantity – 6 ml

Price – 30/-

My Experience With Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel

I have this nail enamel in 6 shades –

Shades Of Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel
From Left To Right – 105,129 And 132
Shades Of Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel
From Left To Right – 136,146 And 163
  • 105 – Light pink shade
  • 129 – Orange shade
  • 132 – Bridal red shade
  • 136 – Onion shade
  • 146 – Golden shimmery shade
  • 163 – Dark Green shade

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Let’s talk about the applicator first. The applicator provided is decent and it picks up the product in the right amount. You can cover the whole nail in two swipes. The nail enamel has a proper consistency that allows easy application. Now comes the pigmentation part. The nail enamel offers a nice pigmentation. Honestly, I didn’t expect much from this nail enamel but to my surprise, it delivered real good results.

The shades 129, 132 and 163 are richly pigmented and in one go you will get the required colour on your nails. However, the shades 105, 136 and 146 are a little less pigmented and need two coats. It offers nice gel finish to the nails. With shades 129 and 163, you can easily make your nails ready for Independence Day and Republic Day and the shade 132 is a must-have shade in the bridal kit.

Shade 129
Shade 129
Shade 132 And 163 Of Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel
Shade 132 – Red Shade And 163 – Dark Green Shade

The shades 105,136 and 146 are perfect shades for daily wear and for office wear as well.

Shade 105
Shade 105
Shade 136
Shade 136
Shade 146
Shade 146

The main factor that I always look for in any nail enamel is the drying time. Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel gets dried up real fast. One coat takes around 1 minute to get dry whereas the double coat takes 2-3 minutes. So, I am really satisfied with the product. Now, comes the staying power of this nail enamel. It stays for 2-3 days on my nails with all the household work that I do on a daily basis which is a pretty decent time.

Overall, at a price point of 30/-, I feel Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel has delivered good results so, you can definitely give it a try.

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Not So Good About Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel

  • The ingredient list is not mentioned.

My Rating – 4/5

Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

At a price point of 30/-, Pearl Eyeflax Nail Enamel has delivered good results so, it is really worth trying. Read on to know the details.

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