Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am going to review Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash.

I have received this face and body wash by Sebamed in one of my subscription boxes. This is meant especially for sensitive and delicate skin. I have combination and sensitive skin. My skin turns red when I am out in the sun for a long time. Moreover, after cleansing my face it becomes necessary for me to apply a toner and a moisturizer immediately otherwise my skin develops red patches that subside after some time. After using a face wash, I cannot make any kind of delay in the application of a toner and a moisturizer so as to avoid redness of my skin. When I saw the claims of Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash, I decided to try it on and here is its detailed review.

Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash Review

Product Description

Description Of Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash

Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash Features

    • 100% soap and alkali free.
    • Based on olive oil this skin care complex is for the smooth and supple skin.
    • Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash contains panthenol which is a plant starch derivative that counteracts irritation as well as the loss of moisture.
    • This extra mild cleansing care formula offers smoothness and protection to sensitive skin.
    • It also supports the skin’s own protective functions.
    • It deodorizes biologically and offers natural refreshing effect.

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Ingredients – Please refer to the image provided to check the detailed list of ingredients.

Ingredients Of Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash

Quantity – 200 ml

Price – 663/-

Shelf Life – 3 years




I am having a small packaging of 20 ml with me as I received it as a sample in one of my subscription boxes. Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash comes in a white coloured plastic bottle with a screw open cap. However, the 200 ml packaging is provided with a flip open top cap. The bottle comes encased in a colour co-ordinated cardboard box. All the necessary information related to the product is mentioned on the outer box and the bottle as well. Overall, the packaging is quite simple and there is nothing fancy about it.

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Colour, Consistency & Fragrance

Appearance Of Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash

Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash is white in colour and has a creamy consistency. It has a nice mild fragrance that will not bother any sensitive noses.

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My Experience With Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash

One thing that I really liked about this product is that it can be used both as a face wash and a body wash too. So, it serves two purposes and you need not carry two products. As per the usage directions, I took a small quantity of the product in my palm and rubbed it in between my palms and then applied it to my moisten face. Though, it doesn’t lather much but does the job of cleaning effectively. My skin was feeling quite clean and refreshed post wash. Moreover, it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and didn’t dry it out.

But, if you will try to apply it directly to your face without rubbing between your palms then, you will be requiring more product and your skin will feel a little stretchy. So, make sure to follow the usage directions properly.

However, when it comes to using Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash as a body wash then, I didn’t like it much. The reason behind this is that I expect rich lather from a body wash however, this body wash doesn’t lather much. So, I feel a little incomplete. To cater to that, I tend to take a lot of product on my loofah so as to get that lather. In this process, a lot of product goes to waste. So, I think I will not be able to continue with this product as a body wash. Moreover, it is quite expensive.

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Not So Good About The Product

  • Quite expensive
  • Contains SLES

My Rating – 3.5/5

Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Sebamed Olive Face And Body Wash doesn’t lather much but effectively cleanses & refreshes the skin without irritating and drying it out.

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