Side Effects Of Hair Straightening That You Should Be Aware Of

Hi Everyone!! This post will share some Side Effects Of Hair Straightening That You Should Be Aware Of.

In this post, I am sharing with you my personal experience. I was not having straight hair and I always used to admire girls with shiny, long and straight hair. To fulfill this desire, I decided to go for permanent straightening because I was finding it difficult to use a hair straightener on a daily basis. I was actually unaware of the fact that this permanent hair straightening comes with a host of side effects and can prove to be a disaster for the hair. If you are thinking to go for permanent hair straightening then, here is what you need to know.

10 Side Effects Of Hair Straightening

Whether you do hair straightening at home or choose to go for a permanent one, it is definite to face the side effects ranging from something as minor as dullness to something major as hair loss.

1. Hair Fall

Side Effects Of Hair Straightening - Hair Fall
Hair Fall

The first on the list of side effects of hair straightening is hair fall. Yes, it is the harsh reality behind hair straightening. No matter how particular you are to follow your hair care regime, hair fall is something that you will experience after hair straightening. The chemicals used during permanent straightening or even using heat on a regular basis at home not only damage your hair but also damage hair follicles thereby leading to hair fall. Getting straightening treatments repeatedly can even kill hair follicles that can further lead to baldness.

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2. Dryness

Dry Hair
Dry Hair

Dryness of hair is one of the most common side effects of hair straightening. Application of heat and chemicals can strip your hair of its natural oils resulting in the decrease in elasticity and making them brittle and dry. Make sure to lessen the use of straightening tools and even if you need to, then use them at a low or medium setting. It is recommended to apply chemicals leaving a centimeter gap from the hair roots otherwise, chemicals can weaken them and also leave them dehydrated.

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3. Frizziness

Usually, many girls choose the option of hair straightening to combat frizzing. However, getting straightening done on a regular basis can result in a more serious frizzing. As we discussed above, hair become dry after straightening and that dryness forms the basis for the frizziness. It really becomes hard to style your look properly because of the little flyaway hair. Isn’t? So, it is recommended to avoid frequent straightening to tame the frizziness. If you want to keep your hair moisturized then read the post: How To Moisturize Hair Naturally

4. Hair Breakage

Next, on the list of side effects of hair straightening is hair breakage. Excessive dryness weakens the structure of hair strands making them more susceptible to breaking right from the middle. Application of chemicals and ironing of hair make them weak and they tend to break more often.  

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5. Split Ends

Side Effects Of Hair Straightening - Split Ends In Hair
Split Ends In Hair

Amongst other side effects of hair straightening comes the problem of split ends. The reason behind is the same – the use of chemicals and heat. Hair splitting is an indication of weak and fragile hair and it makes your hair look dull and ugly. In order to control it, make sure to trim your hair quite often.

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6. Itching

Hair straightening often leads hair follicles to die that further leads to underproduction of natural oils. This means that only little oil is there to keep the hair moisturized thereby causing symptoms such as itching, redness and flakes.

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7. Dullness

Dull Hair
Dull Hair

Furthermore, on the list of side effects of hair straightening is that it leads to hair dullness. As discussed above, straightening leads to underproduction of natural oils that are required to lubricate the hair making your hair look dull.

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8. Allergic Reaction

Some of the chemicals that are used during the straightening process can elicit some allergic reactions to your scalp and skin. The allergic reactions such as itching of your scalp and eyes, redness of scalp, blisters on the neck, etc. can occur immediately after the treatment or a few days later.

9. Permanent Alteration of the Hair Texture

Next on the list of side effects of hair straightening is that the chemicals used in the process can change the texture of your hair permanently. Your hair remain no more original. Even using some hair care remedies and hair masks cannot help in regaining the natural texture of your hair and you are only left with the option of growing your natural hair out completely.

10. Slower Hair Growth

Doing Hair straightening frequently leads to hair fall, dryness, hair breakage, split ends, etc. hair straightening damages the hair follicles leading to slower hair growth.

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So, these are some side effects of hair straightening that you should be aware of before going for the process. Even if you decide to go for it then make sure not to do too often. Try to find out some natural means to get straighten hair. After all, hair is an indispensable gift from nature and we need to embrace them.

Side Effects Of Hair Straightening That You Should Be Aware Of

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This post shares some side effects of hair straightening that you should know before going ahead. Hair is a precious gift so, embrace them.

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