Soap Brows – How To Do It To Get Perfect Eyebrows

Hi Everyone!! Let me introduce Soap Brows – a new makeup trend, how to do it to get perfect eyebrows.

Many times, I have seen beauty professionals and influencers talking about “soap brows” and showing some tutorials to explain the process. If you are not aware of this trend, this article will help you to know everything about it.

Soap Brows – How To Do It To Get Perfect Eyebrows

“Soap brows” is a specific eyebrow grooming method that is not new though but is an old Hollywood trick which is currently enjoying popularity. There were times when thin brows with high, rounded arches were popular and then came a powerful trend of thick brows with squared corners and feathered edges. So, the trends keep changing and there are various ways to attain the eyebrows of your dreams. You can tweeze, trim, shave, wax your brows or leave them as they are depending upon your personal shaping preferences. Various products are available in the market such as brow pomades, pencils, gels and powders that help to fill in the sparse brows thereby getting a perfect shape. So, now is the time to add one more product to your list which is a ‘Soap’.

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What Actually Is Soap Brows & Its Technique

The name really sounds crazy but many makeup artists are using this method to groom eyebrows due to the fact that the procedure is simple to do, quite affordable and offers stronger hold on hair. So, let’s see what all is required to do this method.

Material Required

1. A Soap Bar

Pears Soap

The first thing that you need to do ‘Soap Brows’ is a bar of soap. Yes, you heard it right! Ideally, it should be a glycerin soap and I prefer to take Pears Soap.

2. Spoolie

Spoolie Brush

You can use a spoolie brush that you already own or can take a disposable one. However, if using the one that you already have then, make sure to clean it thoroughly before using.

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The Whole Process

Soap Brows Method

Take a spoolie brush and dampen it by spritzing some water on it or just run it under the faucet. Now, simply pass it over a slightly wet soap about 5-6 times. Don’t do this step more than recommended else, soap will start foaming up. Now, starting from the inner corners, brush through your eyebrows flicking upwards and out. Make sure that all the hair are coated with soap evenly. That is it, you are done with the process and you will get an amazing, feathered texture thereby giving an illusion of fuller brows. You can also go over your soap-coated hair with a tinted product of your choice such as a pencil or powder to get a more dramatic effect or to fill in the sparse areas. Moreover, with this process, the thick eyebrows will stay in place so, you need not go for expensive brow gels.

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So, this was all about how to do ‘Soap Brows’. Follow this method of brow grooming which is centered around a simple bar of soap and get perfect eyebrows. Trust me, sometimes the simplest solution can be the best one.

Soap Brows - How To Do It To Get Perfect Eyebrows

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Want to know about Soap Brows – How To Do It To Get Perfect Eyebrows? The process is simple to do, affordable & offers stronger hold on hair.

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