The 60-Second Rule For Washing Face Can Give You Glowing Skin

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Cleansing is such an integral part of our skincare regime as it removes dirt, oil and other debris from the pores which are responsible for acne and dull skin. I have tried various cleansers but as soon as I feel that I have found the best one, a better comes into the picture with promises of offering clearer skin and instant results and I then move on to next. Recently, I tried a new cleanser and I was totally satisfied with the results and I thought I was set but then, I came to know about the “60-Second Rule For Washing Face” that went viral on social media.

The 60-Second Rule For Washing Face Can Give You Glowing Skin – #60secondrule

The 60-Second Rule For Washing Face

Many of you must have heard about the viral ’60-second face wash rule’ which a skincare specialist has shared.

What Exactly Is 60-Second Rule For Washing Face?

We all have different routines but have you ever thought how much time you actually spend rubbing the cleanser into your face. I think it varies from 10 seconds to 20 seconds, not more than that. Isn’t it?

This rule came from Nayamka Roberts-Smith, an esthetician who says to wash your face with a cleanser for 60 seconds. This trend has gone so viral that it has earned the hashtag #60secondrule and people have shown their transformation pictures online.

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What Is The Theory Behind This Rule?

It is very difficult to remove dirt, oil and makeup from the skin so, it is important to give time and chance to your cleanser to breakdown and dissolve these substances and remove them from the skin. Moreover, while following this method, you will be able to pay more attention to your skin which means you will remember to concentrate on the areas such as edges of your nose, under the chin and around the hairline that you otherwise may not give much focus on. By giving 60 seconds for cleansing, you are actually giving the active ingredients present in the cleanser time and chance to work and penetrate your skin thereby dissolving oils and other impurities.

When To Follow?

It is recommended to follow the 60-Second Rule For Washing Face both in the morning as well as at night for maximum benefits. You need to be careful while choosing a cleanser for you. Make sure that it is paraben-free, SLS free and doesn’t irritate your skin. I feel that following this method especially in the evening not only helps to clean off all the pollution, makeup, and sweat from the day but also helps to soften the skin.

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How To Follow?

One important tip while following this rule is that don’t get aggressive while massaging and use light hands to avoid irritating your skin. If you believe in double-cleansing method and have sensitive skin just like me, then I would recommend you to spend 30 seconds on each half of the routine.

While setting the cleansing clock, it is important to consider your skin type as all the skin types are not the same. For example, acne-prone skin can get good benefits from this 60 seconds wash. This is because the process helps to clean the pores and removes excess oil and debris from the skin thereby preventing the occurrence of acne.

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This was all about the 60-second rule for washing face that can give you glowing skin. If this process just takes 60 seconds and can give you amazing results then, there shouldn’t be any problem to try this game-changer. So, spend some time and let the active ingredients present in the cleanser do some magic on your skin. But, be careful while choosing the cleanser.

The 60-Second Rule For Washing Face Can Give You Glowing Skin

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The 60-Second Rule For Washing Face can give you glowing skin. So, spend some time and let the cleanser do some magic on your skin.

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