VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream Review.

You all know that I am putting up in Mumbai that has a tropical climate and temperatures do not fluctuate much throughout the year. So, there is hardly any need for heavy cold creams but I have dry hands and feet so, I always use creams that offer heavy moisturisation. I have already tried VLCC Total Nourishment Fruit Cream and I absolutely loved it but we all need change so, I decided to give this cream a try and here is its detailed review.

VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream Review

VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream

Product Description

The cream is not just an ordinary cold cream but is a cold cream in a true sense. It is 3 in 1 cream that combines the benefits of 3 products:

  • Intensive moisturizing
  • Whitening
  • Sun protection.

It is paraben-free & does not have any harmful chemicals.

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VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream Benefits

  • Oil Infused Cold Cream

The oil present in the cream increases the moisture or hydration delivery capability of cream, helps to lock in moisture for a longer duration and improves the penetration of actives making it ideal for dry winter skin.

  • Moisturizes

The cream deeply hydrates the skin & leaving it completely soft & supple.

  • Whitening

The cream has actives like Argan Oil, Honey which are proven ingredients for improving to give a naturally fair complexion.

  • Protects From Sun Damage

The cream comes with SPF 20 PA +++ that protects against tanning & pigmentation.

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Ingredients Of VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream

Quantity – 75 gm

Price – 65/-

Shelf Life – 3 years

How To Use?

Usage Directions



VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream comes in a round light pink coloured plastic tub and is provided with a screw cap. Beneath the cap is given an aluminium foil covering to prevent product spillage. All the product-related details are mentioned on the tub. Though, the packaging is small, travel-friendly but is unhygienic as one need to dip-in the fingers to take out the product.


My Experience With VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream


The cream is white in colour and has a thick, creamy consistency. It has a mild flowery fragrance which is not overpowering and will not bother sensitive noses.

Appearance Of VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream

The cream gets absorbed into the skin easily with a little massage. As shared above, I have purchased this cream to apply all over my body and not on face as I have combination skin on my face and that needs an altogether different set of products. I make sure to apply the cream before hitting the bed at night on my clean hands, feet, elbows and knees as these body parts need a little extra dose of moisturisation. Unlike many other cold creams, this cream gets absorbed easily with a little massage and the good part is that it doesn’t make the skin sticky or oily. It effectively moisturizes the skin instantly thereby removing dryness and makes the skin soft, smooth and supple. So, I also love to use it throughout the day after washing my hands to keep them moisturized.

Usually, when we apply cold creams our skin becomes greasy and we find a little difficult to hold things properly. But with this cream, it is not the case. Being a blogger, I spend hours working on a computer and it becomes really difficult for me to use a keyboard and mouse if my hands are greasy. But, at the same time I need to keep my hands moisturized so, I always look for such creams that can give me the desired results and VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream is one of them. One additional advantage of this cream is that it comes with SPF 20 PA +++ that helps in offering protection against the harmful sun rays so, you can easily use it during day time. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any white cast on the skin.

Now, let’s see the other claim of VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream. It says that it helps in improving the complexion but honestly, I haven’t seen such results on my skin. Though the cream is effective in keeping my dry skin moisturized but I wonder if it would be able to offer the required dose of moisturisation during winters especially in North to the people having extremely dry skin.

As far as I am concerned, I am absolutely satisfied with the results and would definitely recommend trying this cream.

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Not so Good About VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream

  • Unhygienic packaging.
  • May not be able to cater to extremely dry skin types during winters.
  • Not completely natural.

My Rating – 4/5

VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

VLCC 3 in 1 Intensive Care Cold Cream moisturises the skin effectively without making it greasy, comes with SPF but is not completely natural

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