Ways To Disinfect The Beauty Products

Hi Everyone!! This article will share some effective Ways (How) To Disinfect The Beauty Products.

There is one thing that is top of mind for everyone these days and that is keeping clean. The spread of pandemic has made us so cautious that we are frequently washing our hands, wiping down the countertops, etc. however, there is one more thing that needs our attention and you might want to add to your “daily disinfecting” list – Your Beauty Products.

Many of us must be having heaps and heaps of beauty products in our dressers however, maintaining these is not at all easy. You need to make sure that you have kept your beauty products at cool and dry place, keep checking their expiry date and regularly clean your makeup brushes. If you are not sure how to clean your makeup brushes then, make sure to go through the post to know the details. Disinfecting regularly any makeup or skin-care products you’re coming into contact with is something you should be doing whether or not there is a global pandemic going around.

Ways To Disinfect The Beauty Products

1. Pressed Powders, Shadows & Blushes

Ways (How) To Disinfect The Beauty Products - Pressed powders, Shadows & Blushes

The first rule when it comes to your pressed powders, shadows, blushes, highlighters, etc. is to use a clean brush. The dirty brush will accumulate bacteria onto the product, which will ultimately find its way on your face leading to breakouts and skin infections and we certainly don’t want that, right? Make sure to gently skim the top layer off of the product with the help of a tissue and then spray lightly with rubbing alcohol. Let it dry completely before you close the product.

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2. Lipsticks & Chapsticks


Next, on the list of effective ways to disinfect the beauty products come lipsticks and chapsticks. I am a huge lipstick lover and have many in my treasure and the count goes on increasing. So, it is very important to disinfect these. Due to moisture and bacteria, many lipsticks can go bad so, I make sure to disinfect these by spraying some rubbing alcohol on the exposed part of the lipsticks. Once you are done with spraying then, wipe it clean before using it.

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3. Crayons & Pencils

Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon Packaging

The first thing I would say is to avoid sharing these products with anyone as it leads to the transfer of bacteria and germs from one person to another. Be particular about eye pencils and eye infections can turn bad quickly. It is also recommended to sharpen the crayons and pencils before use as this removes a layer of the product thereby making it safe for use. At the same time, it is important to disinfect the sharpener every time you use it. All you need to do is dip a cotton ball in some rubbing alcohol and clean the sharpener with it.

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4. Mascara

Ways (How) To Disinfect The Beauty Products - Applying Mascara

Furthermore, on the list of effective ways to disinfect the beauty products comes mascara. It is recommended to change up your mascara every 3 months than attempting to sanitize it. The reason behind this is that the mascara spoolie attracts bacteria quickly and can cause eye infections.

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Ways To Disinfect The Beauty Products

5. Pots Of Creams & Gels

Make sure not to dip in your fingers in pots of creams and gels. No matter how clean your hands are, dipping your fingers in the pots cause germs to spread like wildfire and is bound to trouble you later. Use clean applicators, brushes, and sponges to use makeup in pots and a clean spatula to take out the product from the pots.

6. Liquid Foundations & Serums With Nozzle

The wand of liquid foundations and nozzle of serums and inside of the cap should be cleaned regularly. The process is quite simple, just spray some rubbing alcohol on and wipe it clean with a tissue.

These were some effective ways (How) to disinfect the beauty products. So, give your products a good scrub down, sanitize them and treat your skin to a fresh, dirt-free application!!

Ways To Disinfect The Beauty Products

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This article shares some ways to disinfect the beauty products. Sanitize your products & treat your skin to a fresh, dirt-free application!!

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