10 Benefits Of Solid Perfumes Must Knowing

Hi Everyone!! This post will share 10 benefits of solid perfumes.

We all love to use perfumes, isn’t? They not only help us to smell good but offer various other amazing benefits as well. In my previous post, I have shared the benefits of wearing perfumes so, make sure to check that post. However, many people are not aware of solid perfumes and their benefits. So, in this post, I will be discussing about solid perfumes.

Amazing Benefits Of Solid Perfumes

Before going further with the benefits, let me explain what solid perfumes are.

A Woman Smelling Perfume
Smelling Perfume

What Are Solid Perfumes?

As the name suggests, solid perfumes are the perfumes in solid state whereas the traditional perfume (eau de toilette, eau de parfum) comes in a liquid mix of alcohol and water. Solid perfumes are also known as perfumed wax, balm, cream or concrete. The substance that is usually used to offer a solid base is beeswax. So, solid perfumes are a mixture of wax, oils and some other ingredients that are poured into containers for instance tins to eventually harden.

Solid Vs Liquid Perfumes

1. Alcohol-Free

Unlike liquid perfumes that contain alcohol which helps them to evaporate, solid ones are alcohol-free. Alcohol is not considered great for our skin as it is very drying and damaging to the skin. Solid perfumes don’t contain alcohol as they don’t need any help drying and you don’t need to spray them.

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2. Small Size

Next, on the list of amazing benefits of solid perfumes is that they come in a small, compact and unbreakable containers and it becomes really easy to carry them. They fit easily into the purse or even in a pocket of jeans. So, rather than carrying a breakable glass bottle of liquid perfumes, it is better to carry a solid one.

3. Travel-Friendly

We all know that we are bound by liquid restrictions at airports when travelling and we leave perfumes at home. But with solid scents, there are no such restrictions and you can travel easily overseas. Moreover, due to their compact size, they don’t occupy much space in your bag.

4. Leak-Proof

Furthermore, on the list of amazing benefits of solid perfumes is that there is no risk of leaking in the luggage or purse. In the case of liquid perfumes, when leakage happens, the resulting smell is almost impossible to remove. Moreover, it can stain and damage your belongings. So, solid scents are great alternatives for typical spray perfumes.

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5. Lasts Longer

One of the amazing benefits of solid perfumes is that they last longer. Unlike liquid perfumes, solid ones don’t contain water and so they last for long on your skin. Rather than spraying your body multiple times, solid scents need a few applications. The best part is that you can pinpoint exactly where you want to apply and this avoids wastage.

6. Easy Reapplication At Public Places

As far as I am concerned, I don’t like getting a huge choking waft of someone’s perfume when they decide to freshen up at a public place. However, with solid ones, you need not worry about being inconsiderate of those around you as you can rub these perfumes easily on your body and the scent ends up only on your skin.

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7. Moisturizing Benefits

Next on the list of amazing benefits of solid perfumes is that these come with moisturizing benefits which is a bonus. These perfumes are made up of oils and other moisturizing agents that help in keeping the skin moisturized. You can easily apply the balm-like texture on the wrists, on the inner elbow, behind the knee, behind the ear or even between your toes for fresh smelling feet. It will not only help you to stay fresh but will also help in moisturizing the skin. Isn’t great for people with dry skin?

8. Less Likely To Cause Skin Reactions

As solid perfumes are usually made up of a combination of natural oils so, there are very fewer chances of getting any skin reactions. Moreover, they don’t contain alcohol and we all know alcohol is not considered good for our skin.

9. Offers Personal Experience

Last on my list of amazing benefits of solid perfumes is that these offer an intimate and personal experience for yourself and to those who are close to you as they will scent the wearer rather than the whole environment. Unlike alcohol-based perfumes, that impose themselves on the sense of smell of everyone in the vicinity, solid ones contain subtle scents for a more intimate view experience.

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10. Occupy Less Space In Cupboard

As, solid perfumes come in small, compact containers so, it becomes really easy to store them in a cupboard. The best part is that these are stackable if are from one brand or are of identical shape.

So, these were some amazing benefits of solid perfumes and now that you are aware of these benefits then you should definitely give them a try.

10 Benefits Of Solid Perfumes Must Knowing

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There are many benefits of solid perfumes that are worth knowing. Do try these as they will make you smell good without all the fuss.

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