6 Ways To Prepare For Home Quarantine

Hi Everyone!! This article will share 6 Ways (How) To Prepare For Home Quarantine.

The idea of home quarantine is quickly becoming a reality with the arrival of a pandemic. It is advised to avoid unnecessary public gatherings and spaces and a lot of companies have asked their employees to work from home. So, let’s see what preparations one should do to quarantine oneself at home. I have also shared How To Help Others When You Are Quarantined At Home so, you can check that post as well.

Ways To Prepare For Home Quarantine

1. Practice Social Distancing

It is important to practice social distancing if you are looking to avoid infection. This means you need to avoid public places, large gatherings like parties or weddings, metros, malls, etc. The reason behind this is that these are the most vulnerable places from where you can catch the infection easily. Social distancing helps in reducing the rate at which the infection spreads. Keep in mind that your home is a sanctuary for you and your family that can keep you safe from infections. So, cherish your homely air and spend some time with your loved ones and ensure that you are doing everything you said you would do ‘if you had some time’.

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2. Establish A Hygiene Routine

Hand Washing

The next way to prepare for home quarantine is to establish a hygiene routine. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, keep a hand-sanitizer ready at the entrance for the times when you are receiving parcels or for anybody coming from outdoors to quickly disinfect their hands.

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3. Stock Up Essentials

Whenever pandemic is declared, the government itself gives orders to lockdown certain public places, shutting down educational institutions along with cancelling some major events. So, it is a kind of an alarm bell for all of us to prepare ourselves for a big quarantine. Therefore, one should consider stocking up on essentials. It is important to keep supplies of non-perishable food items such as ready to cook meals, canned goods, biscuits, powdered milk, sugar, tea, etc. as well as cleaning supplies like washing powders, disinfectants, bathing and hand-washing soaps, etc. that you could need over a two-week to month-long period.

4. Medicinal Supplies

Furthermore, on the list to prepare for home quarantine is to stock up the medicinal supplies. Don’t forget to add sanitizers and masks in your buying list as these are the first-line prevention measures. To take care of any illnesses if developed during this time, you need to have in stock basic medicinal supplies that include over-the-counter medications to treat the symptoms of common cold, cough, fever and body aches. If you already have some existing illnesses then, make sure to keep an ample supply of prescribed medication.

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5. Make Arrangements For Work

As you will be doing work from home so, it is important to make arrangements for your work. Set up your workplace with a good video conferring option as well as a good messaging platform. Check your internet connection and keep your laptops or desktops ready.

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6. Make Your Entertainment Plans

It is important to make your entertainment plans to keep good mental health. Though online entertainment series, T.V shows are there but for kids, you can stock up some indoor games such as cards, puzzles, scrabble, chess, etc. so as to keep them busy. You can also consider picking up a phone and giving calls to your friends to get relief from the stress.  

So, these were some ways to prepare for home quarantine.

6 Ways To Prepare For Home Quarantine

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The idea of home quarantine is quickly becoming a reality so, go through the post to know the ways to prepare for home quarantine.

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