8 Activities To Keep Kids Engaged During Quarantine

Hi Everyone!! This article will share 8 Activities To Keep Kids Engaged During Quarantine.

While we are worried about the lockdown and ‘stay at home’ situation due to the spread of a pandemic, there is only one section of people who are somehow happy about this situation and that is KIDS. They are happy because their exams got cancelled and the schools are closed so, there is no more study or learning activities. Though official school activities are very important but there are various everyday activities that can help your child to learn many things. I am not talking about students working on graduation requirements but for our younger kids, these activities can prove to be very useful. So, if you are finding yourself struggling to handle your kids, take a deep breath and follow the below-mentioned activities to keep them engaged during the quarantine. I have also shared Things To Do When You Are Bored During Quarantine so, you can check that post as well.

Activities To Keep Kids Engaged During Quarantine

1. Involve Kids In Cooking & Baking

Involve Kids In Cooking

Cooking is not only a great way to spend quality time with your kid but there are a variety of subjects that can be learnt in the kitchen. Parents should involve their kids in cooking or baking under their supervision so that they can learn a practical skill of preparing a meal for themselves or for the family. Moreover, plenty of academic content such as science, mathematics, vocabulary, etc. can be taught to younger kids. For example, little ones can learn counting, shapes, letters, etc. and the older students can be made to understand the concepts of nutrition, fermentation, measurements, physical changes, chemical changes, boiling points, etc. So, through this activity, kids will stay engaged along with learning some new things.

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2. Incorporate Financial Literacy

Budgeting Activity For Kids

Next, on the list of activities to keep kids engaged during quarantine is to involve them in budgeting. Let them learn a skill that will be useful to them in their future. Give young kids three empty glass jars – one for spending, one for saving and one for sharing and make them learn some concepts of budgeting.

3. Block Building

Activities To Keep Kids Engaged During Quarantine - Playing With Blocks

This is one such activity that helps to boost creativity in kids. Blocks come in different sizes and shapes and block play encourages children to match, count and sort. I still remember my son used to spend hours building various structures and through this activity, I made him learn to describe colours, shapes, sizes, etc. So, playing with blocks teaches children about balance, gravity and geometry and also improve their math skills.

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4. Playing Card Games & Board Games

Activities To Keep Kids Engaged During Quarantine - Playing Card Games

Card games and board games are a great brain booster. These are good fun activities and can help our young learners to learn various things. Games like scrabble can be helpful for kids who are struggling with the language, board games like Monopoly can help kids to learn about currencies, business dealings, etc. Card games make kids to thick critically, strategize and develop social skills. The best part about these games is that kids learn the art of losing and winning gracefully.

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5. Drawing, Colouring & Painting

Activities To Keep Kids Engaged During Quarantine - Doing Colouring

Furthermore, on the list of activities to keep kids engaged during quarantine is to involve them in drawing, colouring and painting. These activities are a great de-stressor for kids and foster creativity at the same time. Not only these help to engage kids but also teach them the concepts of shapes, lines, colours, forms and perspective. Moreover, colours have healing powers.

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6. Listening To Music

Child Playing Piano

Let your kids enjoy music as music makes everyone happier and it also influences task performance. Music helps to improve brain power and memory and also stimulates the part of the brain that is responsible for reading, math and emotional development.  You can also make them learn to play a musical instrument even at home during the quarantine period through various online tutorials. It will help them to develop social skills and will also build confidence in them. It is not only a great form of expression but will also teach them patience and discipline.

7. Role Playing

All play is learning so, let your kids do imaginative play. Role-playing allows children to investigate and explore. It helps in developing language, communication, social and emotional skills. Role-playing helps to build confidence, sparks creativity and imagination.

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8. Play Video Games

Playing Video Games

I know video games are considered as an addictive source of entertainment and diversion but these offer many other benefits as well. During quarantine, kids cannot go out to play so, allow them to play video games for specific time duration. Video games improve coordination, problem-solving skills, enhance memories and improve attention & concentration.

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So, these were some useful activities to keep kids engaged during quarantine.

8 Activities To Keep Kids Engaged During Quarantine

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