Aegte Onion Hair Oil Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing Aegte Onion Hair Oil review.

Before starting with the review, I want to share with you my real story. I did hair smoothening thrice and after that suffered with a heavy hair loss. I understand that hair loss due to smoothening is one of the reasons. There are many other factors that contribute to hair loss such as stress, inadequate sleep and not having proper diet etc. Whatever the reasons were but I was facing a major problem so, I consulted a doctor and was under medication. However, nothing good happened and my condition was the same.

Once, I was watching some videos on YouTube and the lady was discussing the benefits of onions for hair. From there, I took the inspiration and thought of preparing some hair masks using onion juice and followed some other home remedies as well. I started with the application of onion juice on my scalp. Trust me, my hair fall reduced to a great extent in 2-3 uses. I stopped my medicines and was relieved that I have found something which is natural and economical and can deliver me good results. My motto behind telling this story to you all is that there are some natural things that you can trust on to get the desired results. It is been 2 years that I am following homemade natural hair masks and some other hair products that are available in the market as well before every wash and by God’s grace I am now having healthy hair. So, when I heard of Aegte Onion Hair Oil, I immediately made a purchase. I and my husband are using it for the past 2 months and here is its detailed review.

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Aegte Onion Hair Oil Review

Product Description

Description Of Aegte Onion Hair Oil1
  • Aegte Onion Hair Oil is made from all natural ingredients including Bhringaraj and Vitamin E.
  • One of the most useful discoveries for treating hair loss is Onion juice.
  • It boosts the level of antioxidant enzyme catalyses thereby improving the hair.
  • Onion is rich in Sulfur that not only helps in nourishing your hair follicles but also prevents hair breakage and accelerates hair to increase.
  • This is because of the fact that sulfur increases the production of collagen, which helps the hair to grow.
  • Massaging Aegte Onion Hair Oil into the head encourages blood flow to each capillary in the scalp to activate muscle nerves and helps to nourish hair.

Aegte Onion Hair Oil Benefits

Benefits Of Aegte Onion Hair Oil
  • Hair Regrowth
  • Boosts Hair Growth
  • Anti-Hair Fall
  • Control & Removes Dandruff
  • Thickens Hair
  • Glossy Hair – Improves Hair Shine

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Key Ingredients Of Aegte Onion Hair Oil

Key Ingredients Of Aegte Onion Hair Oil
Key Ingredients

Quantity – 100 ml

Price – 799/-

Now, the new improved version of the oil is available so, the price has changed. At present, it is available at a price of 1299/-.

Shelf Life – 3 years

The oil can be purchased from

How To Use Aegte Onion Hair Oil?

Usage Directions Of Aegte Onion Hair Oil
Usage Directions


Packaging Of Aegte Onion Hair Oil

Aegte Onion Hair Oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black coloured flip-open cap. The cap provided shuts tightly with a click sound thereby ensuring that the packaging is spill-proof. The oil comes encased in an onion-coloured cardboard box that contains all the important product-related information.

*Now, the new packaging is available. I am having the old packaging as I purchased this oil 2 months ago.

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My Experience With Aegte Onion Hair Oil

Appearance Of Aegte Onion Hair Oil

The hair oil is reddish in colour and has a mix herbal fragrance. I was a little worried about how this oil going to smell? To my relief, this oil doesn’t smell like onions.

The best part about Aegte Onion Hair Oil is that it is non-sticky and doesn’t feel heavy on the scalp. Moreover, it requires a single wash to remove this oil from hair. The oil gets absorbed easily into the scalp ensuring scalp nourishment.


I am really happy to tell you that this oil has done wonders to my hair and has taken a permanent place in my hair care regime. It has definitely helped in reducing my hair fall and has boosted hair growth. As far as my husband’s case is concerned, he was having a small bald patch but Aegte Onion Hair Oil has not really helped in new hair growth. However, it has helped in overcoming his dandruff problem. Moreover, the oil has made my hair soft and added a little shine too. After wash, my hair look more manageable and soft.

Overall, I am in love with Aegte Onion Hair Oil as it almost fulfills what it claims and so, I would strongly recommend you buying this.

Not So Good About Aegte Onion Hair Oil

  • Doesn’t help in hair regrowth or may be it needs long-term usage.
  • A little expensive but the results that it gives make it totally worth to buy.

My Rating – 4.5/5

Aegte Onion Hair Oil Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Aegte Onion Hair Oil has done wonders to my hair & has taken a permanent place in my hair care regime. It is totally worth to buy.

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