Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am going to share Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo Review.

Regular hair styling and using various products on our hair leads to hair damage. It includes hair breakage, split-ends, dull and brittle hair. However, chopping off your hair is not the only solution to treat this damage. In fact, using shampoos containing Keratin oil can help you in this situation. Keratin oil helps in reducing hair breakage and gives you healthy and shiny hair. Keeping all these benefits in mind, I decided to try out Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo as I was experiencing hair fall and dryness in my hair. So, let’s see how this shampoo worked for me.

Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo Review

Product Description

The shampoo will nourish your hair internally as well as externally. The virtues of this shampoo will give your hair the perfect nourishment and the blend you need.

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Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo Claims


  • Supplies protein to hair
  • Enhances elasticity of hair locks
  • Gets rid of split ends

Ingredients Of Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo

Key Ingredients – For the detailed list of ingredients, please refer the image provided.

Quantity & Price – 50 ml for 60/- and 200ml for 125/-

Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo is available only at

Shelf Life – 3 years

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How To Use?

  • Wet your hair.
  • Take out the required quantity of shampoo in your palm.
  • Massage it smoothly on your scalp and across the entire length of your hair twice.
  • Let the lather sit for a few minutes.
  • Rinse with water.

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The shampoo comes in a small, sleek, sturdy transparent plastic bottle with a transparent flip open cap. The cap shuts the bottle tightly to avoid any product spillage. All the necessary details like ingredients, claims, usage directions etc. are mentioned on the bottle. Overall, the packaging is quite travel-friendly.

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Colour, Consistency & Fragrance

Appearance Of Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo

The shampoo is mauve in colour and has a consistency which is neither thick nor runny and can be applied easily on the scalp. The best part about Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo is its fragrance. It smells heavenly and the aroma just delights you the moment you open the bottle. This fragrance lasts for 1-2 days after the wash. So, you need not use any hair perfumes after using this shampoo. This shampoo will cater to the problem of bad smelling hair or scalp.

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My Experience With Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo

As per the usage directions, I apply the shampoo and keep it for a few minutes. It lathers well and effectively cleanses the scalp. Moreover, it helps in keeping my hair soft and manageable. Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo contains Keratin oil that gives protection to the hair from the sun’s harmful rays and helps in preventing your hair from getting dry and brittle.

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Lack of protein in hair results in hair breakage and split ends. However, this shampoo claims to reduce split ends by depositing more protein into your hair. So, as far as, the claim of reducing split-ends is concerned, that will definitely require regular usage so, I cannot say much about that. However, with Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo, I have seen a reduction in my hair breakage and it has smoothened my hair to some extent.

The shampoo also contains citric acid that helps in preventing tangles as well as locks in the moisture.

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Word Of Caution


Not So Good About Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo

  • Contains parabens and SLES

My Rating – 3.5/5

Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Alps Goodness Keratin Smoothening Shampoo smells heavenly, lathers well & cleanses scalp, keeps hair soft & manageable but has paraben & SLES

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