Benefits Of Carrots – Our Nutritional Heroes

Hi Everyone!! This post will share some amazing benefits of carrots for skin, hair and health.

Carrots are also known as Nutritional Heroes. These are the root vegetables found in many colours such as purple, black, red, white and yellow. It is a biennial plant that belongs to Apeaceae Family. Carrots are known to be originated about 5000 years ago and were first cultivated in Afghanistan. The most common bright orange carrots were developed by Dutch in the middle ages.

Different Nomenclature Of Carrots

Gajar – in Hindi

Gajjare gadda – in Telugu

Gujar/Gajor – in Bengali

Mangal Mullangi – in Tamil

Karat – in Malayalam

Gajjari – in Kannada

Gazar – in Marathi

Gajar – in Punjabi

Carrots are called as a goldmine of nutrients and are an important part of vegetarian diets.

Some Facts About Carrots

Root Vegetable Carrot
  • Domesticated carrot is originated from Daucus carota – the wild carrot, native to Europe and South Western Asia.
  • Carrors are made up of 88% water, 7% sugar, 1% protein, 1% fibre, 1% ash and 0.2% fat.
  • Carrots are rich in Beta-carotene, a red-orange coloured pigment which gives orange colour to carrots. In addition, beta-carotene has anti-aging properties and also builds immunity.
  • The human body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for healthy vision (including night vision).
  • Carrots can be eaten raw or in cooked form as well.
  • There is an urban legend that “eating large quantities of carrot help to see in the dark”. This was spread during World War II to cover the real story. The British government had their new radar system to find the planes and it did not want the Germans to know about that. There was one pilot who was nicknamed as “Cat Eyes” as he was able to spot his prey in the dark. This ability of his was associated to his love of carrots and that is how a legend began. After that, people in England started growing carrots in their garden
  • The world’s largest producer of carrots is China.

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Benefits Of Carrots

Benefits Of Carrots For Skin

1. Give Glow To The Skin

  • Carrots are rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C which keep the skin healthy and vibrant.
  • To get that glow on the skin, prepare a face mask by simply mixing grated carrot with some honey in a bowl.
  • Now, apply this mixture on your face.
  • Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash off with water.
Grated Carrot in a Bowl
Grated Carrot in a Bowl

2. Treat Blemishes

  • Regular intake of carrot juice and application of carrot pulp can treat blemishes and scars.

3. Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Next on the list of amazing benefits of carrots for skin is that these can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Carrots are rich in vitamin A which is an antioxidant, fights with free radicals of our body thus preventing them from damaging our skin cells. This leads to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Carrots also contain Vitamin C. This vitamin helps in the maintenance of skin elasticity thus preventing wrinkles and locking the process of aging.

4. Protection Against Harmful Sunrays

  • Carrots contain Beta-carotene which the human body converts into Vitamin A.
  • This vitamin A repairs skin tissues and offers protection against harmful sun rays.
  • In addition, carrots also contain antioxidants that increase immunity to harmful sun rays and heal sunburns as well.

5. Keep Skin Hydrated

  • Further on the list of amazing benefits of carrots for skin is that the consumption of its juice on a regular basis is very beneficial for people with dry skin.
  • Carrots are rich in potassium which keeps skin hydrated.

6. Good For Oily Skin

  • Carrots are not only good for people with dry skin but also good for oily skin types.
  • Once again the key is Beta-carotene that gets converted into vitamin A which is an agent to fight excessive oil production.

7. Possess Healing Qualities

  • Carrots have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • These properties make carrots effective for skin revitalization.
  • In order to heal cuts and wounds and to get relief from inflammation, simply apply raw or grated carrots on them.

So, these were some amazing benefits of carrots for the skin. Now, let’s see the hair benefits of carrots.

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Benefits Of Carrots For Hair

8. Treat Hair Loss

  • Carrots are known to treat hair loss as they are rich in vitamins that make hair stronger, thicker and shinier.
  • It is recommended to consume carrot juice on a regular basis for combating hair loss.
Carrot Juice
Carrot Juice

9. Promote Hair Growth

  • Next on the list of amazing benefits of carrots for hair is that the regular consumption of its juice stimulates hair growth by improving blood circulation in the scalp.
  • This is due to the presence of Vitamin C and Vitamin E in carrots.
  • They also prevent premature graying of hair.

Benefits Of Carrots For Health

10. Keep Vision Sharp

  • Many of us must have heard our parents saying to eat carrots for better eyesight. Yes, they are right.
  • Carrots have Beta-carotene that gets converted into vitamin A.
  • Vitamin A is necessary for improving the night vision and giving protection against eye problems such as cataract and macular degeneration.

11. Heart Care

  • Next on the list of amazing benefits of carrots for health is that these offer a protective shield to the heart due to the presence of antioxidants and polyacetylenes.
  • Regular consumption of carrot juice improves heart health by lowering oxidative stress.

12. Lower Cholesterol Levels

  • Carrots can lower the levels of cholesterol and boost the production of bile.
  • This results in easy digestion of fat by the body.
  • Consequently, it impacts good cholesterol level in the body, which in turn protects the heart.

13. Protection Against Cancer

  • As carrots are rich in antioxidants, they may fight leukemia cells.
  • Therefore, they reduce the risk of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer and this is indeed one of the amazing benefits of carrots.

14. Boost Immunity

  • Carrots have antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
  • In addition, they contain Vitamin C which can boost the immune system.

15. Lower Blood Pressure

  • Potassium in carrots is a vasodilator.
  • It relaxes the tension in the blood vessels and arteries.
  • This leads to an increase in the flow of blood and circulation, which in turn boost organ function, thus reducing stress on the cardiovascular system.
  • The presence of Coumarin in carrots can reduce hypertension as well.

16. Improve Dental Health

  • Carrots help in cleaning our teeth and mouth by scraping off plaque and food particles if eaten after having food.
  • Carrots stimulate the gums, leading to the formation of a lot of saliva.
  • This saliva balances out the acid-forming and cavity forming bacteria due to its alkaline nature.

17. Protect Brain Health

  • Furthermore, on the list of amazing benefits of carrots for health is that these can lower the oxidative stress in the brain.
  • This helps in protecting brain health and improving memory.

18. Aids Digestion

  • Carrots are helpful in maintaining digestive health as they are a good source of fiber.
  • Fibers regulate bowel movement and also help the intestine to remove waste from the body.

19. Boost Bone Health

  • Carrots also contain small amounts of calcium, which is required for the strengthening of the bones.
  • Though calcium is found in little quantity, however, every little bit helps.

20. Helpful During Pregnancy

  • Carrots help in the proper foetal development and also reduce the chances of miscarriage.
  • During pregnancy, the immune system becomes weak to support the foetus growth.
  • Carrots help in increasing the immunity of the body.

So, these are 20 amazing skin, hair and health benefits of carrots. Don’t forget to include them in your diet.

International Carrot Day

Every year International Carrot Day is celebrated on April 4th. It is an important day for all carrot lovers all around the world. In 2003, the carrot day was founded to spread awareness about the carrots and their benefits. This day is celebrated by hosting carrot parties. One can treat his friends with carrots as snacks, a carrot cake and a carrot dish. The recommended welcome drink in the parties is carrot juice. The clothing in such parties is very important. One has to dress up in a carrot dress or orange Tail Suit with a green hat or anything in orange colour.

Benefits Of Carrots - Our Nutritional Heroes

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This post shares some amazing benefits of carrots for our skin, hair & health. Don’t forget to include these Nutritional Heroes in your diet.

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