Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask Review.

Colorbar has recently launched glitter peel-off masks in 3 variants – GlowGetter, NoFilterGlitter and GlamShot. I have purchased the product in the variant GlowGetter so, let’s see its detailed review. I have also shared my review on newly launched Colorbar Drama Blast Lipstick so, you can check that post as well.

Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask Review

Product Description

  • A groovy Instagram trend mixed with skin-loving ingredients is a serious treat!
  • To celebrate your luminous side, the collection is full of transforming color blends while delivering the care you need.
  • The shimmering glitters in the mask won’t clog your pores or scratch your skin and is super comfortable to wear.
  • Just put it on, take a selfie, show off your glitter vibes and peel off to reveal your glammed up skin.
  • The Glowgetter mask is packed with soothing, healing and cooling ingredients that work to restore damaged skin.
  • It is mask is powered with VITA TE’ (a high mountain Snow Tea Extract), hyaluronic acid and peony water.
  • The combination fights visible and invisible damages of pollution thereby promoting healthy skin making it look radiant and youthful.
  • The orange-lilac-blue illusion glitters present in the mask make you shine like a unicorn.

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Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask Features

  • Peel-off glitter mask enriched with skin-loving, nourishing and soothing ingredients.
  • Formulated to fight against indoor and outdoor pollution.
  • Treats dull, lackluster skin and leaves it healthy, soft with a natural glow.
  • The colour-changing illusion makes the masking process super fun
  • The glitter particles are comfortable and do not scratch or irritate your skin.
  • 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free.


Ingredients Of Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask – Glowgetter

Quantity – 29 gm

Price – 599/-

Shelf Life – 3 years

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How To Use?

Usage Directions



Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask comes in a vibrant, shiny onion coloured tube and is provided with a silver screw cap. The tube comes encased in a shiny, glossy onion coloured cardboard box with all the product-related details on it. I have always loved the packaging of Colorbar products and even this time also Colorbar has maintained the level. Overall, the packaging is attractive and travel-friendly.

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My Experience With Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask – Glowgetter

Appearance Of Glowgetter Mask
Appearance Of Glowgetter Mask

Like all other peel-off masks, this mask has a similar consistency. It appears multi-coloured due to the presence of orange-lilac-blue illusion glitters in it. The moment I saw the glittery mask, I was quite excited to try it out. The mask gets applied on the skin smoothly and you need to apply a thin and even layer of it. It has a mild citrusy fragrance that is not bothering. On application, the mask gives a cooling sensation on the skin which is bearable and is quite soothing and refreshing for the irritated skin. The whole experience of applying the mask on the face is a real fun and it actually made me shine like a unicorn. The word unicorn means something related to sparkles and rainbows. It expresses anything which is sparkly and bright.

After Peeling-Off Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask – Glowgetter
After Peeling-Off Glowgetter Mask

Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask takes around 25-30 minutes to get dry and is quite easy to peel-off. I was able to peel it off in one go and the good part is that it didn’t cause any sort of irritation to my skin during and after application. The glitters present in the mask are really fine and don’t hurt/scratch the skin at all however, I don’t have any idea about the purpose of adding them in the mask. According to me, the glitter has been added for aesthetics and amusement/fun. This glittery part actually served the purpose and made the whole process of applying the mask a fun.


After peeling off the mask, my skin was looking quite clean and clear. The mask helped in removing impurities from the skin making it look soft and smooth. It also gave a soothing and calming effect to the skin. The good part is that the mask didn’t dry out the skin so I believe every skin type can easily use this. I was having high expectations from this Colorbar Glowgetter mask as I have tried various other Colorbar products and have got satisfactory results but with this mask, I am not really satisfied. It didn’t offer any sort of glow to my skin. My skin was not looking bright or radiant. I have tried The Beauty Co. Glitter Glow Mask that really gave some amazing results so, you can check that post as well.

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Not So Good About Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask – Glowgetter

  • Quite expensive
  • Doesn’t offer any glow to the skin

My Rating – 2.5/5

Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Colorbar Glitter Vibes Selfie Mask gives a soothing & calming effect to the skin but doesn’t add any glow & is quite expensive.

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