Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit Review – New Launch

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit Review.

Faces Canada has recently launched the DIY compact brow kit for defining eyebrows. Faces Canada is continuously launching new products in the market. Recently, it has launched Weightless Matte Lipsticks, De Tan Skin Brightening Clay Mask, etc. and I have already shared my review on these so, you can check those posts as well. Now, let’s see how this product worked for me.

Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit Review

Product Description

  • An eyebrow compact kit that lets you shape and define brows for a natural or dramatic look.

Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit Features

  • All in one brow grooming kit, specially curated to help you shape, fill, and set your brows.
  • Features a waterproof formula, so no more smudges or makeup meltdowns all day long
  • The kit has helping tools that let you create expert, personalized brow shapes in an instant.
  • Formulated in Turkey.

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What Does Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit Contain?

Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit

1. Colour Pigment

  • Formulated to compliment the natural Indian eyebrow colour.
  • Helps to give shape and definition for the shape you desire, whether well arched or soft curve.

2. A Tinted Wax

  • Helps in setting the eyebrows and hold the colour pigment for a long time.

Helping Tools With Kit

Helping Tools

1. The Doubled Sided Brush

The angled-side brush on one side helps to outline the brows. The sponge-side helps in filling the pigment.

2. Spoolie Brush

This brush helps to comb and set the eyebrows.

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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients Of Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit

Quantity – 4 gm

Price – 699/-

Shelf Life – 3 years

Usage Directions

  • Using the pigment with the angled brush, outline your brows.
  • Using the spoolie brush, set and shade your brow with the wax for a long hour hold.
  • With the help of the sponge brush, fill your brows with pigment for natural-looking colour.
  • Finally, using the spoolie brush style and finish your brows into shape.


Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit

Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit comes in a sturdy black plastic packaging and is provided with a transparent lid. It is divided into 3 compartments. In one compartment, there is brow wax and in the second is brow powder. The third compartment contains the helping tools. However, no mirror is provided with the product. The kit itself comes encased in a black coloured cardboard box. All the product-related details are mentioned at the backside of the kit and on the outer box as well. Overall, the packaging is sturdy, compact and is travel-friendly.

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My Experience With Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit

Swatch Of Pigment Powder And Wax Of Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit
From Left To Right – Wax, Pigment Powder

As per the usage directions, I used the angled brush that is provided with the kit to outline my brows. The texture of the brow powder is quite fine however, I didn’t like the angled brush. It is not fit for defining the brows and can be used to fill in. So, I used Nykaa Brow Chika Wow Eyebrow Pencil to define my brows. The pigment powder is medium brown in colour and is perfect for my dark brown eyebrows. So, I believe most of us can use this shade as it helps to add a lot of definition to the brows. It would have been better if the kit contained one lighter shade as well so that people with different skin tones and hair colour could mix and match to get the required shade. As far as I am concerned, the pigment is perfect for my brows.

The wax provided in the kit is slightly tinted and helps in keeping the brows in place and holding the pigment for long. The spoolie provided is small in size but is quite functional. It helps in proper blending and removing all the harsh edges.

Staying Power

The powder stays on my brows for 6-7 hours. The kit is apt for someone who wants to make eyebrows look fuller. The kit claims to have waterproof formula however, it is water-resistant and doesn’t bleed on coming in contact with water. It is not smudge-proof either so do not rub your eyebrows vigorously after the application.

Overall, I liked this kit as it is quite good for eyebrow filling and to add a little definition.

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Not So Good About Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit

  • Doesn’t come with an in-built mirror
  • Would have been better if included two different brown shades
  • Not perfect for shaping the brows
  • The formula is not water-proof as claimed
  • Wax contains parabens

My Rating – 3.5/5

Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit Review - New Launch
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Faces Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit is quite good for eyebrow filling & to add a little definition. It is compact & is perfect to carry along.

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