New Pantene Open Hair Miracle Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing Pantene Open Hair Miracle Review.

This product grabbed my attention as it contains Fermented Rice Water which offers a lot of benefits to our hair. Fermented rice water helps in making our hair strong, adds shine to them, prevents hair breakage and boosts hair growth. If you are interested in knowing the Benefits of Fermented Rice Water For Hair then, make sure to go through the post. Now, let’s see how this product worked for me.

Pantene Open Hair Miracle Review

Product Description

  • Hairfall worries making you tie your hair up?
  • Try Pantene open hair miracle to reduce hair fall due to hair breakage and make every day an open hair day.
  • Infused with the combination of the age-old anti-hair fall secret of fermented rice water with the pro-vitamin formula, this product is a multipurpose miracle that nourishes your hair pre, in and post shower to get open hair anytime, anywhere. 

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Multiple Uses Of Pantene Open Hair Miracle

Multiple Uses Of Pantene Open Hair Miracle

1. Oil Replacement

Before shampooing, keep it for 30 minutes and rinse to get nourished hair without any hassles.

2. As Serum

Apply after shower on damp hair for controlling frizz and fragrant hair.

3. As Leave-in Conditioner

Replace your conditioner and get soft & smooth hair without rinsing.

4. Heat Protectant

Apply before styling to form a protective layer against styling heat.

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Ingredients Of Pantene Open Hair Miracle

Quantity – 80 ml

Price – 190/-

Shelf Life – 3 years



Pantene Open Hair Miracle comes in a sleek golden plastic tube with a golden flip-top cap. The packaging is quite similar to the Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement and looks quite attractive. The tube bears all the product-related on it. I love the fact that it is sleek, hygienic to use and is travel-friendly

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My Experience With Pantene Open Hair Miracle

Appearance Of Pantene Open Hair Miracle

The product is off-white in colour and has a creamy texture. It has a medium consistency and has a strong flowery fragrance that I absolutely loved.

I have used this product as an oil replacement on my scalp and covered hair as well, gave some massage, kept if for 30 minutes and then rinsed off. Post application, my hair felt quite soft and smooth and I didn’t even feel the need to apply a conditioner. The good part is that unlike oil, it gets rinsed off easily. Moreover, it is effective in keeping the hair hydrated and I have also observed lesser tangles in my hair and it has also helped in reducing hair fall. Let me be honest with you, if you are having hair fall due to excessive tangling and hair breakage then, this product can help you out. However, if there are some other reasons behind then it will not be of much help.

After shampooing, I used Pantene Open Hair Miracle as a hair serum on my wet hair. It spreads easily on the hair strands and doesn’t make them sticky or greasy and further helps in easy detangling of hair and also adds a healthy shine to my hair. The good part is that if used as a leave-in conditioner, it helps in keeping the hair hydrated and also helps in controlling frizz to a certain extent. Another feather in a cap is that its amazing fragrance stays in hair for around 1-2 hours making hair smelling good and fresh. I have not used it as a heat protectant as I have done smoothening on my hair so, my hair are already straight and I keep them open and don’t need any styling. So, for me, Pantene Open Hair Miracle is a multi-purpose miraculous product, that can be used anytime anywhere!

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Not So God About Pantene Open Hair Miracle

  • Contains parabens
  • Strong fragrance can bother sensitive noses

My Rating – 4/5

New Pantene Open Hair Miracle Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Pantene Open Hair Miracle is a multi-purpose miraculous product, that makes hair soft & smooth, controls frizz & can be used anytime anywhere.

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