HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips Review.

I have heard a lot about HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips but somehow missed trying them so, I purchased these and here is the detailed review.

HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips Review

To me, the nose strip looks quite similar to a strong Band-Aid. It removes all the pore-clogging dirt, debris and grime when it is ripped off. It aims to suction out this excess buildup that gets oxidized by the air and looks black and hence the name ‘Blackhead’. By using a strong adhesive, the nose strip removes the top layers of dead skin cells and blackheads. But it is very important to use these strips correctly to get the desired results. Now, let’s see how this product worked for me.

HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips Description

  • The strips help you get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, oil and dirt instantly and painlessly.
  • These pull out the particles smoothly and free your pores, giving you the perfect cleansing whenever you want, wherever you want!!


  • 100% natural extracts
  • Easy, effective and painless cleansing of the nose
  • Charcoal-enabled strips
  • Immediate results
  • Unclogs pores
  • Fresh and glowing skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Travel-friendly

Quantity – 3 strips

Price – 90/-

Shelf Life – 2 years


How To Use HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips?

Usage Directions



The strips come encased in pinkish-red sachets that are stacked neatly in a cardboard box. The product-related details are mentioned on the sachets and on the outer box as well. There are 3 sachets in a box and each sachet carries one strip. The packaging is travel-friendly and fuss-free.

My Experience With HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips

Appearance Of HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips
Peel-Off The Strip Of HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips
Peel-Off The Strip

As per the usage directions, I washed my face and placed the strip on my wet nose. It is very important to follow the instructions given else the strip will not stick properly and will not give you the results. The shape given to the nose strip makes it easy to place on the lower part of the nose. However, I wish it was slightly longer to cover the tip of my nose as well that has some whiteheads. I kept the strip for 10 minutes and then started to pull it off from the side. It is a little painful though bearable but you need to go slower than pulling it off in a single go.

I was surprised to see the results. HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips removed more than 90% of the unwanted stuff from my nose making it look so clean, smooth and soft. It also removed tiny hair and I could see the clean pores. It was such an easy and fuss-free process.

Gunk Removed With HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips
Gunk Removed

Overall, using HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips is an excellent way to remove unwanted buildup and blackheads from your nose. These are a temporary quick fix that you can use once a week but with daily cleansing and regular exfoliation, you can keep the blackheads and excess sebum at bay. So, I would strongly recommend trying these.

Not So Good About HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips

  • Can be a little painful for some.

My Rating – 4.5/5

HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Using HipHop Charcoal Nose Strips is an excellent, easy & fuss-free way to remove unwanted buildup and blackheads from the nose.

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