How To Avoid Bubbles In Nail Polish

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When visions of perfectly smooth enamel give way to the reality of gloopy, bumpy mess, it is really very annoying. With a DIY mani, there are many things that can go wrong however, there is one problem that doesn’t come with a quick solution. Yes, I am talking about bubbles trapped in nail polish. These bubbles can happen with any nail polish be it premium, expensive or new. In this article, I have explained how you can prevent bubble formation in your nail polish.

How To Avoid Bubbles In Nail Polish

Before going further, let me tell you why this happens. During the drying process, bubbles generally appear because the air gets trapped between layers of polish. However, there are a few other reasons as well such as – thick nail polish, not applying a clear base coat, not given enough time to the first coat to get dry, etc.

How To Avoid Bubbles In Nail Polish

1. Clean Your Nails

Before the application of nail polish, it is important to prep your nails. Keep in mind to wash your hands with warm soapy water. This is because the skin on your hands releases oil and moisture that migrate to your nails thereby making them greasy. So, it prevents nail polish from adhering well. Therefore, it is a good idea to wash your hands and clean the underside of each nail too.

2. Use A Base Coat or Ridge Filler

Application Of Base Coat On Nails

Nail polish creases often occur due to bumpy nail ridges so, create a clean canvas for the nail polish by applying a one coat of ridge filler. Another way is to apply a base coat. It will not only help in preventing nail discolouration but will also help to adhere the nail polish well and will extend the wear of your manicure.

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3. Time To Inspect Your Polish

Next, on the list of effective ways to avoid bubbles in nail polish is to test your nail polish beforehand. You cannot expect a smooth finish from an old, gloopy polish so, give a quick swipe across your nail to check if it is the right consistency. If it flows smoothly then, go ahead with it else wipe your nail clean and move on to the next bottle. If your nail polish is thick and you want to thin it out then, make sure to check out this article – How To Thin Nail Polish That’s Thick & Gloopy.

4. Don’t Shake The Polish Bottle

The number one mistake that we all do is shake the polish bottle. So, resist the urge as those beads inside almost invite vigorous shaking thereby leading to the formation of a lot of small air bubbles within the liquid, which are then transferred onto the nail. So, roll the bottle back and forth in your hand before you start your mani.

5. Paint In Thin Layers

How To Avoid Bubbles In Nail Polish - Apply Thin Coats Of Nail Polish

Furthermore, on the list of effective ways to avoid bubbles in nail polish is to apply a thin coat on your nails. The perfect environment for polish bubbles is thick nail polish. Before applying polish to your nails, remove excess from the brush by using the edge of the bottle. Apply nail polish in three short strokes – the first one down the middle and then one down each side of the nail. Before the application of the second coat, always wait for the first coat to dry completely and lift the brush as little as possible during the application.

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6. Apply A Top Coat

Sometimes small bubbles spring up out of nowhere so, instead of starting over from scratch, try to conceal the bubble using a top coat over your polish. Moreover, the topcoat will offer enhanced sheen and you will be less likely to chip the nail paint.

7. Freeze It Out

In order to avoid bubbles in your nail polish and to help it dry quickly, dip your fingernails in ice-cold water for 1-2 minutes. Before starting with the application process, take a bowl having enough water so that you can dip-in your nails. Add some ice-cubes in it and keep it aside. Once you are done with the application, let your nails air dry for 2 minutes and then dip-in for 1-2 minutes. The cold water will help to harden the nail polish and is a great way to get your nail polish to stick.

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8. Store Your Nail Polish Properly

When it comes to avoiding bubbles, the way in which you store your nail polish also makes a huge difference. Make sure to keep your nail polish upright in a cool, dark place with a consistent temperature. This will help in retaining its consistency and will definitely prolong the shelf-life of the nail polish.

So, this is how you can avoid bubbles in nail polish. Happy Painting!!

How To Avoid Bubbles In Nail Polish

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