How To Manage Stress During Quarantine

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The global outbreak of the infectious disease has put a halt to normal life. The schools-colleges are closed, people have started work-from-home and these days the new normal life is ‘social distancing’. It is the only way to prevent the spread of the disease. The government has encouraged or enforced people to stay at home however, the quarantine or isolation may set the stage for stress, anxiety and depression and can take a toll on our physical and mental health. Below are mentioned some tips that can help you to manage stress during quarantine and don’t forget that coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.

How To Manage Stress During Quarantine

How To Manage Stress

1. Manage Your Media Consumption

Though it is important to be abreast of how the government and community is responding but it is not really necessary to know every single individual’s opinion. So, it is required to manage your media consumption and make sure to log out of social media and turn off the television periodically. It is found that people who rely more on social media sources have higher levels of stress and anxiety. When accessing news, restrict to traditional national media with direct lines to the trustworthy medical decision-makers as it can help to avoid feeling overwhelmed and you will feel well-informed and less anxious.

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2. Avoid Unhealthy Habits

The feelings of panic, boredom, stress and anxiety during the time of pandemic trigger the need to eat constantly. This emotional eating occurs when food is used to soothe or suppress these feelings and it might get prevalent in the coming weeks of lockdown. Various foods such as chips, biscuits, ice-creams, chocolates are scientifically engineered to target the pleasure receptors in our brains and they often make us ignore the feelings of physical hunger that come from an empty stomach. This emotional eating finally becomes the coping mechanism for a stressful situation and can be more prevalent when we are isolating ourselves which ultimately takes a toll on our physical and mental health.

Moreover, many people resort to taking excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. that will eventually make things worse and in such a difficult situation of self-isolation may lead to developing stress and depression. Make sure to have a healthy diet, take adequate sleep and engage in some physical activity every day to stay physically and mentally strong. In one of my previous posts, I have also shared How To Stop All-day Snacking During Lockdown so, you can check that post as well.

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3. Stick To A Routine

Next, on the list of how to manage stress during quarantine is to keep a routine. Unstructured time adds to stress. Even if you are working from home, make sure to get up at your regular time, get ready and then start your day. A well-planned routine definitely helps in reducing stress levels.

4. Make Time To Unwind

Think this quarantine time as an opportunity to refocus your attention on you. Set your sights on long-avoided tasks, spend time meditating or doing yoga, reading, writing, painting, knitting, cooking healthy meals for yourself and your loved ones, etc. Enjoy this time with a positive attitude as the feeling of getting trapped can lead to stress and anxiety.

5. Use Technology & Be Creative

I understand that we need to practice social distancing however, it doesn’t mean that we need to be isolated socially. One of the effective ways to manage stress during quarantine is to use technology and plan virtual meals, teas or coffees for you.

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6. Lend A Helping Hand To Others

Lend A Helping Hand

If you have seniors at home like your grandparents then, make sure to bring a smile on their faces in this tough situation. Talk to them, spend some quality time with them as many of them may not be tech-savvy so, they would enjoy their company and you will also feel relaxed. So, this will be a win-win situation for both. Being a helper is an important skill to cope up with stress. I have also shared How To Help Others When You Are Quarantined At Home so, make sure to check that post.

7. Boost Your Immune System

We all know that there is a strong relationship between our mind and body. Both our immune system and mental health are closely linked to each other. Our immune system defends our body against pathogens so, it is important to keep it healthy. Make sure to exercise, meditate and do breathing exercises to keep your mind calm and reduce the effects of stress. Include immune-boosters in your diet and ensure to go through the article – 10 Foods That Boost The Immune System.

8. Stay Connected

Staying Connected On Phone

One of the effective ways to manage stress during quarantine is to stay connected with your friends and relatives. Staying connected with them and sharing your concerns either through phone, text or video chat helps to reduce stress levels.

These were some effective ways to manage stress during quarantine. Follow these ways as these will help you survive spiraling negative thoughts about this uncertain time.

How To Manage Stress During Quarantine

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This article shares How To Manage Stress During Quarantine. These ways will help you survive spiraling negative thoughts about this time.

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