How To Stop All-day Snacking During Lockdown

Hi Everyone!! This article will share How To Stop All-day Snacking During Lockdown.

In the present scenario, when we are lockdown due to the spread of the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal routine. In this process of establishing new daily routines, our diet and health are proving difficult to manage. This is because of the fact that we have the constant access to our kitchens so, there is always the danger of indulging in unhealthy snacks. Many people have shared their stories on social media that they are snacking more than ever and ‘grazing’ through the day. So, how can one deal with this situation? This could potentially lead a lot of people putting on weight and obesity is ultimately related to various diseases. I have also shared 6 Ways To Prepare For Home Quarantine so, you can check that post as well.

How To Stop All-day Snacking During Lockdown

Before going further, let’s see why are we snacking more?

Why Are We Snacking More?

The feelings of panic, boredom and anxiety during the time of pandemic trigger the need to eat constantly. This emotional eating occurs when food is used to soothe or suppress these feelings and it might get prevalent in the coming weeks of lockdown. Various foods such as chips, biscuits, ice-creams, chocolates are scientifically engineered target the pleasure receptors in our brains and they often make us ignore the feelings of physical hunger that come from an empty stomach. This emotional eating finally becomes the coping mechanism for a stressful situation and can be more prevalent when we are isolating ourselves.

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How To Stop All-day Snacking

1. Maintaining Food Diary

It is important to know your trigger so, maintain a food diary. It will help you to know what you eat, how much you eat and what you feel after eating which will eventually let you identify what triggers comfort eating. For example – stress, boredom, boredom, sadness, etc. you can also look for the quarantine meal plans that are available on social media.

2. Find New Ways To Take Your Mind Off

Emotional Eating

One of the effective ways to stop all-day snacking during lockdown is to find a new outlet for emotions. Once you get to know what triggers emotional eating in you, you can find other simple activities at home to take your mind off food. For example – playing some crosswords, Sudoku puzzles, chess, etc. or calling a friend, listening to music, doing yoga or meditation.

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3. Prepare Yourself

It is important to prepare yourself with ‘if/then’ scenarios when you feel compelled for emotional eating. For instance:

If I am bored and want to munch biscuits, chips, etc. then, I will make a call to my friend and will have a quick chat.

4. Follow Some Quick Habits To Reduce Snacking

There are some quick habits that can help to stop all-day snacking during the lockdown. For example: don’t keep snacks on your working table rather keep them in your kitchen. Even when you want to have some snacks, take a few on the plate rather than getting the whole packet. Chew the snacks more as it will help to have better digestion and you will also feel full which means you are less likely to overeat.

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So, these were some ways to stop all-day snacking during lockdown.

How To Stop All-day Snacking During Lockdown

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