NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette Review.

Those who are makeup artists or those who love to travel and want to carry more than one shade of lipstick, lip palettes work great for them. NY Bae has recently launched a lip palette in 4 variants –

Spotlight Kiss 1 For Fair Skin Tones

Backstage Kiss 2 – For Wheatish Skin Tones

Rehearsal Kiss 3 – For Dusky Skin Tones

Showstopper Kiss 4 – For Dark Skin Tones

I have purchased Backstage Kiss 2 and here is its detailed review. I have already shared my review on NY Bae Runway Matte Lipsticks With Argan Oil so, make sure to check that review as the palette contains the same lipsticks but in a different form.

NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette Review

Product Description

  • With this lip palette, own the ultimate show-stopper look.
  • In this palette, you will get three different colours to choose from.
  • Each shade is made to give you high colour payoff and is powered with Argan oil that nourishes your lips and gives you an excellent colour to flaunt.
  • The shades are perfect to dress up your lips according to your wheatish skin.
  • So, with this lip palette, walk every path as it is your runway.

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NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette Claims

  • Super Pigmented
  • One Stroke Application
  • Crease-less
  • Nourishes Lips
  • Long-Lasting
  • Offers Matte Finish
  • Transfer Resistant

Price – 315/-

Quantity – (1.7 gm x 3)

Shelf Life – 2 years


Ingredients Of NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette



NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette comes in a tiny, compact, transparent plastic box with a clear lid through which you can easily see the shades. It is provided with a tapered brush however, it doesn’t have a mirror for quick touch-ups. The palette comes housed in a golden coloured cardboard box on which some product-related details are mentioned. In the palette, three shades and a brush lie embedded in separate cells and the lid provided holds the palette tightly making it travel-friendly. Moreover, it is quite compact in size so, it can be easily slipped into our purses or bags.

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My Experience With NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette

Swatches Of NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette
From Left To Right – Designer Spotlight 2, Highlight 3, Rehearsal Look 19

As shared above, there are three shades in the palette however, no information about the shade name and number is provided on the product so, I took the information from the Purplle official website. I have purchased palette number 2 – Backstage Kiss which is meant for wheatish skin tones. The three shades present in this palette are –

  • Designer Spotlight 2, which is a pretty red shade.
  • Highlight 3, is a bright neon pink shade.
  • Rehearsal Look 19, is rosy brown n*de shade.

All the three shades will definitely suit wheatish/medium skin tones.

Lip Brush Provided

The brush provided with the palette is not that good so, I would recommend using your own brush/applicator. However, if you are carrying this palette while travelling then, you can definitely use this brush for touch-ups. If you are in a hurry then, you can also pick the product using your fingers and can apply it on your lips as it will save your time but make sure that your fingers are clean. One thing that bothers me is that the palette doesn’t come with a spatula, mixing plate and mirror. If a mixing plate and spatula were provided then, we could easily pick the product, mix them and could make a new shade. I also believe that a mirror must be included in such palettes.

Texture, Finish, pigmentation & Staying Power

The lip colours given in NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette are creamy in texture and glide easily on the lips. They offer good pigmentation however, with the brush you need to go multiple times in small strokes to get the required colour on the lips. The lip colours claim to offer a matte finish however, they settle into a creamy matte finish. These don’t dry out the lips and are quite comfortable to wear.

The lip colours are not smudge-proof and they transfer as well. With light snacks and beverages, these stay for around 3-4 hours on my lips however, cannot survive a complete meal and need reapplication.

So, this was all about NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette. As far as I am concerned, I am not really comfortable with such palettes as I don’t find it easy to work with the brush as it is quite time-consuming. I prefer to carry mini lipsticks while travelling.

Not So Good About NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette

  • No information about the shade name and number is given on the palette.
  • The brush provided is not of good quality and moreover, you need to clean the brush after every use to maintain the hygiene.
  • The palette doesn’t come with a spatula, mixing plate and mirror.
  • The lip colours offer a creamy matte finish rather than the claimed matte finish.
  • Not smudge-proof and transfer-proof.
  • Less staying power

My Rating – 2.5/5

NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

NY Bae Runway Matte Lip Palette contains 3 shades that offer creamy matte finish rather than the claimed matte & don’t stay for long.

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