O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C Review

Hi Everyone!! Today’s, review is about O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C.

Face masks are really in these days as these are a quick fix for the skin. Today, I will be talking about such a sheet mask by Plunge that has been launched in the recent past. So, let’s see how it worked for me.

O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C Review

About Plunge

O3+ is India’s leading number 1 professional skincare brand. Plunge USA is a natural brightening skincare initiative taken by O3+. These high-quality American skin care products are quite innovative and playful. These are formulated by combining natural ingredients like Chamomile, Matcha, Yuzu Citrus etc. Moreover, these are free from harsh chemicals and parabens. These products are curated by leading dermatologists and natural skin experts that travel around the world to provide innovative and conceptual skincare ranges.

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O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C Description

    • With Plunge Radiance Mask, Flip the switch on uneven skin tone.
    • Made with an array of skin-brightening ingredients and purest form of Tropical Vitamin C, the mask will help in offering a more radiant complexion by evening out dark spots and hyper-pigmentation.
    • This slightly creamy, ultra-thin hydrating sheet mask is made up of natural cellulose that helps in even and consistent absorption of brightening Vitamin C.
    • The mask also contains the natural form of Hyaluronic acid and makes your skin looks super radiant in just a couple of minutes.
    • Moreover, the mask contains multivitamins that boost glow and luminosity quickly.
    • It is highly suitable for dull and dry skin.
    • Dermatologically tested for uneven skin tone

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Ingredients Of O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C

Ingredients Of O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C

How To Use?

Usage Directions

    • Cleanse your skin before using the face mask.
    • Now, take out the sheet mask and unfold it.
    • Remove the film and spread it over the face, adjusting from eyes to the nose.
    • Keep it for 10-15 minutes, take the mask off and lightly tap the leftover essence for absorption.

Quantity – 30 gm (one sheet mask)

Price – 135/-

Shelf Life – 36 months




O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C comes in a white coloured pouch with colourful images of fruits on the front side. The packaging really looks attractive and is easy to carry. All the required details about the product like the ingredient list, usage directions, product description, shelf life etc are mentioned on the back side of the packaging. Inside, the pouch lies the nicely folded sheet mask.

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O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Sheet Mask
Sheet Mask

My Experience With O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C

The sheet is quite thin and has a smooth texture. It is fully soaked in a white coloured moisturizing slippery serum solution and has a nice citrusy fragrance. As per the usage directions, I removed the plastic film and gently spread the sheet mask on my face. However, in order to adjust the sheet mask properly, you need to be a little patient.

Appearance Of O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C

The mask felt very light on the skin and the serum was enough to cover the whole face. O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask was perfect for my oval face and fitted nicely. I kept it for 15 minutes and it was quite easy to remove. After that, I patted my cheeks to let the leftover serum get absorbed into the skin. Make sure not to wash your face after the application and the best time to put on this sheet mask is at night before hitting the bed.

One thing that I would like to mention here is that this sheet mask irritated my eyes and I was not able to open them till the time the mask was on my face. So, those who have sensitive eyes should keep this thing in my mind before the application. However, the mask did not irritate my sensitive skin.

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O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask effectively moisturized my skin. It was looking hydrated, soft and supple. It really added a glow to my face. My skin looked radiant and healthy and that effect is because of the fact that the mask contains vitamin C which is an effective skin brightening ingredient. Moreover, I felt that this mask has tightened my skin a bit and made it looked smooth and more even toned. I absolutely loved the way O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask has worked on my skin. According to me, this mask is apt for the dull skin as it instantly adds a glow to the skin and makes the skin look radiant and brightened up. I have a combination skin type but this mask didn’t feel heavy on my skin.

The effect of O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask stayed for two days however, the glow started to decrease after the day one. So, you need to use this mask regularly to get the benefits. However, if you need an instant temporary brightness then, you can definitely use this mask.

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Not So Good About O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C

  • The effect doesn’t last for long
  • Irritates eyes

My Rating – 4/5

O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C effectively makes skin look radiant & brightened instantly, moisturises it & tightens the skin a bit.

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