Pre & Post Holi Skincare Tips – Be Holi Ready

Hi Everyone!! This article will share some effective Pre & Post Holi Skincare Tips.

The most vibrant and colourful festival – Holi is just around the corner. This festival of colours should be celebrated with dry gulal, water pichkaaris and sweets (mithai) but unfortunately, today, it comes with splashes of synthetic pigments that can wreak havoc on your skin in the form of flared up acne, rashes, dryness, etc. These aftereffects not only cause discomfort to your skin but can also prove harmful to your health. We all know that prevention is better than cure so, a little care before and after playing Holi will help you to celebrate this festival without all the worries.

Pre & Post Holi Skincare Tips

Pre Holi Skincare Tips

1. Go For Herbal or Natural Colours

Natural Colour

The natural/ herbal or organic colours don’t harm the skin so, one should go for such options. You can also prepare these at your home using natural products like dry rose petals, henna, turmeric powder, etc. Put dry petals in a grinder to make a fine powder and use it as a dry colour.

2. Prep Your Skin

The very important pre-Holi skincare tip is to prepare your skin before stepping out of your home for playing. Apply a thick moisturiser or coconut/olive/mustard oil on all the exposed areas of your body in a generous amount. This will act as a protective barrier and will protect your skin from all those harmful chemicals thereby helping in reducing the damage.

3. Application Of Sunscreen

Pre Holi Skincare Tips - Apply Sunscreen

Be it summer, winter, rainy or any season and even if you are inside your home, you need to wear sunscreen. After moisturizing your skin, please ensure to apply waterproof sunscreen to prevent your skin from getting tanned and sunburnt. Use a sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30 so that it works during the harsh noon. So, using sunscreen is simply unskippable and is one of the effective pre Holi skincare tips.

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4. Choose Right Clothing

Choosing the right clothing doesn’t mean that you need to wear old to-be-discarded clothes. By right clothing, I mean to opt for cotton fabric which is light and breathable rather than for synthetic ones that can cause rashes. Also, to protect your skin from the damage of colors, wear clothes that cover most of your skin such as full-sleeves kurtas, trousers, etc. This way you can avoid the direct contact of chemical colors with your skin.

5. Stay Hydrated

Drink Adequate Amount Of Water

Another important tip that should follow on the day of Holi is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink water, juice, glucose throughout the day as it will help your skin to stay hydrated thereby preventing it from getting dry and getting sunburnt easily.

6. Consult Your Skin Specialist

It is important to consult your skin specialist if you have a history of skin allergy or you are getting treated currently for some skin condition. This is because, on that day, your skin will be exposed to colours and your dermatologist will be able to guide you on whether to play Holi or not or the best precautions you can take.

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Some More Pre Holi Tips

7. Don’t neglect your lips, eyes and ears. These areas are exposed all the time and colours can easily settle around the eyes, earlobes and into lip cracks. Make sure to apply a little petroleum jelly as it will prevent colours from settling in.

8. Protect your eyes from any contact with colors by wearing sunglasses. Make sure not to wear contact lenses on that day and consider wearing spectacles.

9. Another important pre Holi skincare tip is to pay attention to your nails as well. Holi colours get settle under the nails and also stain them thereby making them look bad. So, before stepping out, apply olive oil or Vaseline on the cuticles and coat your nails with some dark coloured nail enamel as this will not let the nails catch colours easily. Avoid getting nail extensions near Holi and trim your nails as this will leave a little scope of colours settling down in them.

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So, these were some effective pre Holi skincare tips.

Post Holi Skincare Tips

1. Proper Cleansing

Post Holi Skincare Tips - Do Proper Cleansing

Give your skin some TLC after playing Holi so that it can recover from any damage caused. The first thing that you should do is wash your face with a paraben-free and sulfate-free cleanser but make sure not to rub your skin vigorously. If you have followed pre Holi skincare tips then, there will definitely be less damage to your skin.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin

Skin Exfoliation

The next on the list of effective post Holi skincare tips is to exfoliate your skin. This will help in deep cleansing and removal of dead skin cells. I would suggest you use some homemade scrubs and be gentle on your skin.

3. Soothe Your Sunburnt Skin

Post Holi Skincare Tips - Rub Ice Cubes On Skin

One of the amazing benefits of rubbing ice cubes on face is that it helps in curing sunburns. If your skin is sunburnt then, rub some ice cubes on the affected area and observe a significant reduction in inflammation and redness. With the regular application, sunburns will fade away. Another option is to apply aloe vera gel first on the face and then start with the skin icing process. This combination works wonders for the sunburnt skin.

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4. Apply Face Pack

Curd And Tomato Face Pack

Application of some homemade face pack will not only help to soothe down your irritated skin but also helps to remove colour from it. below is given a homemade recipe:

Curd And Tomato Face Pack

  • Take a clean bowl. Add 2 tbsp curd and ½ tbsp tomato juice in it. 
  • Mix them well to get a smooth and consistent mixture.
  • Apply it your cleansed face, let it sit for about 20 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • All skin types can use this face pack.

It helps in removing tan, in balancing skin’s pH levels and keeps the skin healthy. It will also help in improving skin colour as both curd and tomatoes have skin lightening properties.

5. Use Sheet Masks

Post Holi Skincare Tips - Application Of Sheet Mask

Sheet masks can play a very important role in your post Holi skincare. They offer various benefits to the skin such as moisturisation, hydration, nourishment, help to soothe and cool down the skin, reduce inflammation, add radiance to the skin, clear complexion thereby making the skin look even-toned with a glowing complexion.

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6. Avoid Too Much Makeup

Furthermore, on the list of effective post Holi skincare tips is not to wear a lot of makeup immediately after Holi. This is because the chemicals present in the colours may react with your makeup and can cause skin irritation. Let your skin breathe and let colours wear off from your skin however, if you can’t avoid completely then, go for some BB cream or tinted moisturiser.

7. Follow CTM Routine Religiously

Following the CTM routine every day without fail not only plays an important role in post Holi skincare but one should always follow it to maintain his skin health. It is recommended not to change your beauty products as your skin can react to new products.

So, these were some effective Pre & Post Holi Skincare Tips. Follow these tips and celebrate this festival of colours with your family and friends without worrying about the aftermath on your skin.

Pre & Post Holi Skincare Tips - Be Holi Ready

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Follow these Pre & Post Holi Skincare Tips & celebrate this festival of colours without worrying about the aftermath on your skin.

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