Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit Review.

Raaga Professional by CavinKare is a professional care brand that offers various haircare and skincare products catering to most of the services offered by salons. I am absolutely new to this brand and haven’t tried any of its products. However, Nykaa has sent me Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit to try out so that I can share my review with you all. So, here is its detailed review.

Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit Review

When I received the product, I was quite curious to know what exactly Stem Cell Infused Skincare is, what benefits does it offer to the skin so, I tried to get some information about it on the internet. Actually, I was only knowing about Human Stem cells which are rapidly dividing cells and have the ability to become other types of cells with a more specialized function. However, after collecting some information, I got to know that plant stem cells perform similar functions. They contain some amino acids and proteins and signal the body cells to rejuvenate and may result in younger-looking skin. These days, various serums, creams, etc. are found to be infused with plant stem cells as these help to fight wrinkles, improve skin turnover, offer protection against environmental aggressors and improve the overall appearance.

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Product Description

  • This revolutionary facial kit is infused with Stem Cell which is a new technology in the Indian cosmetic market.
  • The facial gives results that last longer than regular facials by bringing forth the goodness of natural plants and fruits stem cells.
  • This is because the stem cells can penetrate deep into your skin.
  • This facial kit is infused with Alp rose stem cells that help to boost epidermal regeneration, improve skin lightening and help the skin to cope with climate change.
  • The kit is meant for single use.

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients Of Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit

Quantity – (51 gm + 10 ml)

Price – 415/-

Shelf Life – 2 years

Usage Directions

Usage Directions



The kit contains 5 white coloured tiny tubes for conducting 5 facial steps and one sachet containing peel-off masque. These tubes are numbered stepwise so, there will not be any problem even if you are not aware of the procedure. All the tubes and sachet come encased in a very light mauve coloured cardboard box that bears all the product-related details on it. Overall, the packaging is hygienic and travel-friendly.

My Experience With Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit


Step 1 – Cleanser


The cleanser is baby pink in colour and has a medium-flowy consistency just like a cleansing milk. It has a mild fragrance that is not overpowering or headache-inducing. As per the usage directions, I wiped my face with moist cotton and applied the cleanser. The cleanser spreads easily and you just need to give massage with your fingertips for 3-5 minutes. You can take more cleanser from the tube during the process as per your requirement. The cleanser is effective in removing dirt and impurities from the skin thereby making it look clean. However, I found this cleanser a little heavy on my combination skin as it was giving a sweaty feel after wiping off with moist cotton.

Step 2 – Exfoliator

Exfoliator In Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit

The exfoliator is muddy pink in colour and has the same kind of fragrance as that of the cleanser. It has a thick, creamy texture and contains a lot of tiny exfoliating particles. According to the usage directions, you need to apply a layer of this scrub on your face for 2-3 minutes and then start with massaging with gentle pressure for another 2-3 minutes. Make sure to moisten your fingers in between to ensure smooth massaging. The exfoliating particles present in this scrub are small and are not harsh on the skin. The scrub effectively removed impurities and dead skin cells from the skin thereby making it look clean and clear. The good part about it is that it didn’t dry out the skin.

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Step 3 – Toner


The third step in Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit is the application of toner. We all know the benefits of a toner, it helps to refresh and soothe the skin and also helps to maintain the skin’s pH balance. The toner provided is pink in colour and has a water-like consistency. It has a very refreshing fragrance similar to roses that I really liked. All you need to do is take the toner on a clean cotton pad and apply it to your face.

Step 4 – Serum


The serum appears a little peachy in colour and has a gel-like but a little tacky texture. It has a strong fragrance that I didn’t like much. The serum spreads easily and with a little massage, gets absorbed into the skin. Initially, it feels quite sticky but once it gets absorbed completely in the skin, it offers a nice matte finish. The gel also offers a nice mild cooling sensation that helps to calm down the skin and also makes it look quite soft and smooth.

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Step 5 – Massage Cream

Massage Cream

The massage cream is light pink in colour and has a thick, creamy consistency. I applied the cream on my face and neck and gave massage for 12-15 minutes with my moist fingers. Post massaging, my skin felt very soft and smooth. It looked quite moisturized, clean and radiant.

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Step 6 – Peel-Off Maque

Appearance Of Peel-Off Masque In Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit
Appearance Of Peel-Off Masque
Appearance Of Peel-Off Masque After Mixing With Water

The last step in Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit is the application of peel-off masque. The masque comes in a powdered form that needs to be mixed with the required quantity of water to get a paste-like consistency. This step was a little tricky for me. Thank God! I didn’t use the whole content to make a paste. Let me tell you why this was a little tricky for me. I took some powder and started mixing it with some water to get a paste but within 1-2 minutes, it started crumbling and I couldn’t apply it on my face.

Crumbled Peel-Off Masque
Crumbled Peel-Off Masque

So, the trick is you need to be very fast while doing this step. Mix the powder with water and apply it immediately. However, my second attempt was successful and I managed to apply it on my face. Make sure to apply a thick, even layer of this mask else, it would be difficult to peel it off. The mask takes around 15 minutes to dry down and during that time, it offers a nice, mild, cooling and soothing sensation that I really enjoyed. I also felt a mild tightening effect on the skin. After 15 minutes, I tried to peel off the mask and honestly, I was a little worried thinking that now, is the time to go through that pain of peeling-off but to my surprise, the mask came out so easily and smoothly and didn’t cause any pain or irritation or discomfort to my skin.

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Overall Thoughts

Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit contains mulberry and liquorice extracts that help to brighten and improve the look of uneven skin tone. Moreover, liquorice has skin-soothing properties as well. It has Grapeseed oil that keeps the skin moisturized and also has anti-aging properties. Moreover, the kit contains Rhododendron Ferrugineum Leaf Cell Culture Extract which is known to offer protection to the skin against UV stress, boost epidermal regeneration and improve skin barrier function. After using this kit, my skin was looking quite clean, moisturized and looked more even-toned. I could also see the healthy glow on my face. So, if you are looking for some pampering treatment for your dull and tired skin or if your skin is tanned and is not looking even-toned then, you can definitely try this facial kit.

Not So Good About Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit

  • Only the key ingredients are mentioned.
  • Using peel-off masque is a little tricky.

My Rating – 4/5

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Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Raaga Professional Stem Cell Infused Fairness Facial Kit helped in making my skin look soft, smooth, moisturised, more even toned and radiant.

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