Sports Bra Tips: Get The Right Fit

Do you know the first rule of fighting gravity? (Bra edition) That is, the stakes get higher when you exercise which means while working out, your breasts not only move up and down but also side to side and in and out, tracing a butterfly pattern. You can avoid this by choosing a sports bra with a perfect fit.

When shopping for a bra, make sure you get a proper fit first. A good sports bra can cut that moment of your breasts and makes sure they stay in place. While we all try to shop a bra which is comfortable and flexible it is equally important to find a sports bra with the right fit. So, in order to maximise your breast moments and improve your workout sessions, here are some sports bra tips that can help you find your perfect fit.

Sports Bra Tips: Get The Right Fit

Sports Bra Tips
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1. Ensure Your Band Size

Frankly, most of the support to the bra comes from the band itself, so it is really crucial for you to make sure the band size perfect. For a better fit, make sure that you are able to fit two fingers between your body and the band. Plus, try to raise your hands over your head and turn sideways in a mirror for better conformation. Also, a wider band is much likely to provide more support than any narrow ones.

2. Make Sure Your Breasts Are In Place

Most of your bra problems occur because of this reason. Your breasts have to stay in place for you to have a good workout session. The last thing you want is your boobs to bounce while you run on a treadmill. So, make sure you choose the right bra that can help your breasts to stay in place. Also, be sure the underwire (if there is one) isn’t standing away from the body, and the cups aren’t too wrinkled or big.

3. Adjust The Straps Accordingly

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Basically, your straps should feel secure and comfortable and provide minimal stretch to reduce up and down movement. Make sure your straps don’t dig into your skin or you might feel suffocated. Also, if the straps slip off your shoulders or you get a lot of bounce, the straps are likely too loose. So, it’s best to opt for adjustable straps as they provide greater support and a customised fit.

4. Do The Bounce Test

Oh, you love to trial clothes, don’t you? Why don’t you do that for these cute bras as well? So, one best thing you can do is test your bra by running or jumping in place. Try to choose a good bra that can eliminate bounce and gives you full comfort. After all, that’s the only major reason why we choose sports bras. But keep on looking for a well-fitted bra until you find no moments up and down or side by side.

5. Wear Your Activewear And Check

Sporta Bra Tips
Source: Clovia

Well, a lot of women overlook this factor while shopping for a sports bra and regret later when they get an ill-fitted bra. Guys this is the best way to test whether or not the bra gives you nipple show or otherwise looks unflattering. Make sure you try on your activewear along with your sports bra to make sure it looks fine. You don’t wanna take risks, especially when it comes to fitting and looks, isn’t it?

So, these were some sports bra tips that can help you find your perfect fit.

Sports Bra Tips: Get The Right Fit

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This article shares some important sports bra tips that can help you find your perfect fit. So, get ready to improve your workout sessions.

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