Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick Kit 2 Review

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing review on Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick Kit 2.

Stay Quirky has recently launched two kits that contain the set of 12 soft matte mini lipsticks – Kit 1 and Kit 2. The brand Stay Quirky is available on and it offers a wide range of affordable makeup products. I have shared my reviews on various stay quirky products and you can also check the reviews of the latest launches – Stay Quirky Badass Lip Crayon and Stay Quirky Liquid Pen Liner Eyenigma. Out of the two kits of Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick, I have purchased Kit 2 named as Multi-Colored Love Marks. The Stay Quirky Minis Lipsticks Kit 1 is named as Kiss Me With Every Lip Color. Now, let’s see the detailed review.

Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick Kit 2 Review

Product Description

  • Do you also think of owning every color the world has to offer?
  • If yes, quench that thirst with Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick – Multi-Colored Love Marks – Kit 2.
  • The kit includes a range of 12 colours that will suit every event you want to go for.
  • Moreover, the kit is perfect for the times when want to take your whole lip entourage without any fuss.
  • As we all girls know, there is no such thing as Too Many Lipsticks!

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Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick Kit 2 Details

  • Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick – Multi-Colored Love Marks – Kit 2 contains a set of 12 mini lipsticks and is a perfect aid for your lips.
  • The kit has a vibrant range of BadAss Soft Matte colours fit that are fit for every occasion you go to.
  • These mini soldiers weigh 1.2 gm each.
  • If you are going on a vacation then you need not worry as the whole pack weighs less than half a kilo.
  • Moreover, the compact packaging of Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick kit makes sure that it doesn’t take much space in your vanity.
  • Furthermore, the kit can be a perfect gift for someone who is starting out on makeup and needs a little choice in deciding which colour is best for them.
  • Now, all your favourite Stay Quirky BadAss formulas are captured in tiny bullets.

Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick Benefits

  • Intense Pigmentation
  • High Color Payoff
  • Consistent Shade
  • Settles into matte finish
  • Fuller Lips
  • Transfer Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Vegan & Toxicity free

(*As mentioned on the website)

Ingredients Of Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick


Quantity – 1.2 gm x 12

Price – 399/-

The kit is available only on

Shelf Life – 3 years



As shared above Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick – Multi-Colored Love Marks – Kit 2 contains 12 mini lipsticks arranged in a plastic case with a transparent cap. These minis are fitted in sockets so that they stay in place and don’t move.

12 Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick Fitted In Sockets

Each lipstick comes in a small bullet and is provided with a transparent cap on it. So, you can easily identify the shade. The shade number and name is also mentioned on the lower black portion of the lipstick. One thing that I want to bring to your notice is that, these minis don’t come with a retractable mechanism. Actually, these don’t need that mechanism as these contain only that much amount which is visible. I absolutely loved the cute packaging of Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick kit and it is travel-friendly too.

My Experience With Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick Kit 2

Actually, these minis are miniature form of Stay Quirky Badass Matte Lipsticks and I have already shared my review on these lipsticks so, make sure to check that post as well.

Shades In Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick Kit 2

  • Pink Shades – It contains 3 pink shades -Caress My Lips Fool 3, Put Your Lips On Mine 9 and Don’t Be Shy, Ask Me Out 34
  • Red Shades – Kiss Me Full Throttle 1, Shut Up & Kiss Me Already 5 and Intense Intecourse 55
  • Brown Shades – Let’s Go Incognito 25, Full Access Granted 26 and Shut Up & Take Me Home 72
  • Maroon Shades – Shamelessly Horny Lips 6, Stain The Collar 17 and Get Drunk With Me 53

Texture, Pigmentation & Finish Of Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick

The lipsticks have a smooth texture and glide easily on the lips. These have mild caramel-like fragrance that stays for some time. However, the fragrance is not over-powering.

The lipsticks are intensely pigmented and give good colour pay-off in a single swipe. In case you have pigmented lips, these lipsticks can easily hide that in maximum two swipes. However, the shade Ask Me Out 34 offers a little less pigmentation and it also looks a little shiny. So, you need to give 3 swipes to get that opaque colour.

These lipsticks settle into creamy finish on the lips though, these claim to offer a soft matte finish. They don’t dry out the lips and keep them moisturized. Moreover, these minis don’t accentuate fine lines on the lips.

Staying Power Of Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick

These lipsticks are not smudge-proof and transfer proof as they have a creamy texture. However, these are water resistant and don’t bleed on coming in contact with water.

On my lips, the lipsticks stay for around 3 hours without disturbing. These minis cannot survive meals and need re-application.

Overall, I loved Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick Kit 2 as it is perfect for getting hands on more shades. Moreover, I can play around with colours and layer them together to get that ombre effect on my lips. Furthermore, these tiny little minis are perfect for throwing in my clutch. So, I would definitely recommend buying Stay Quirky Mini lipsticks kit.

Not So Good About Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick

  • Settle into the creamy finish rather than soft matte
  • Don’t stay for long
  • Contain Paraben

My Rating – 3.5/5

Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick Kit 2 Review
  • Rating by: Shilpa Singh

Review Description

Stay Quirky Minis Lipstick Kit 2 is great for getting hands on more shades & can be layered together to get that ombre effect on the lips.

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