Why Bizarre, Weird Dreams During Quarantine Are So Common

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Why Bizarre, Weird Dreams During Quarantine Are So Common.

Have you noticed a common theme in your Twitter feed – #pandemicdreams #weirddreams? During this pandemic, people are reporting bizarre and weird dreams so, it is obvious that the pandemic has also started affecting people’s sleep routines. If you are also experiencing the same then, you are not the only one. There is a reason why this is happening but fret not as it is almost expected during times of widespread uncertainty. Here is what could be behind your bizarre, weird dreams during the lockdown.

Why Bizarre, Weird Dreams During Quarantine Are So Common

1. Change In Sleep Patterns

One of the main causes of why we are getting bizarre, weird dreams during quarantine is the disruption of sleep. Though these dreams are not necessarily bad for you but maintaining a regular sleep routine is important. It is required to have at least seven hours of shut-eye per night to maintain good health. However, as we in lockdown for the past so many days so, it is hard to have the same daily routine which we use to follow before quarantine. The situation is such that sometimes we can’t even tell what day of the week it is and the distinction between weekdays and weekends no longer exists. Many of us are sleeping too early or too late, too little or too much so, this change in sleep pattern leads to disturbed sleep thereby leading to bizarre, weird dreams.

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2. Anxiety

Bizarre, Weird Dreams During Quarantine Due To Anxiety

With all of us trapped in isolation, there is definitely an element of missing our regular lives so, we are experiencing an enormous amount of anxiety and stress. When we are anxious, our subconscious mind responds with several anxiety-inducing scenarios and dreams are our mind’s way of subconsciously communicating with us. That is why we get bizarre and weird dreams and our dreams reflect our yearning for normality. In one of my previous posts, I have shared How To Manage Stress During Quarantine and 5 Social Distancing Activities Which Are Good For Your Mental Health so, make sure to go through these posts as well.

3. Trauma

We are continuously watching news related to this pandemic, how many people are dying, how difficult for the patient is to breathe, how doctors are treating, and so many other things related to this infectious disease that we get traumatized. When we are in trauma, sometimes, our mind cannot make sense of it and it comes out in bizarre and weird dreams.

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So, these were the reasons why you are getting bizarre and weird dreams during quarantine or lockdown. Now, that you are aware of these, you should know how to deal with them. As shared above, it is important to have a regular sleep pattern so, while you are in bed, make sure not to look at your phone, opt for reading a book over low light, try to take bath or shower before going to bed and avoid caffeine to get restful sleep. Also, try to get some sort of structure back to your life and remember these are only dreams and they will not be making any difference to your actual life.

Why Bizarre, Weird Dreams During Quarantine Are So Common

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Read on to know Why Bizarre, Weird Dreams During Quarantine Are So Common. Remember these will not make any difference to your actual life.

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